Why so much hate against lazarus


I was reading through kraken vs laz and people were just tearing him a new one like he’s not that bad he’s a decent medic he has the most self survivability I mean how much difference does a couple of Caira grenades make against a good support prematurely cloaking properly and keeping every one alive
p.s. I understand all the bucket hate he’s pretty bad


Laz is super easy to kill for an experienced monster. Doesn’t matter if he’s trying to stay out of trouble 50m away.


not necessarily laz is the hardest actually fastest burst heal recharge a cloak and well any half decent support right


This is because he isn’t very viable against high level Monster play, though don’t take that away from the fact he is fun to play as/with.


I laugh when I see Laz (as monster) “Uuh, a free win!” I think to myself.
If I lose against Laz, it’s not because of Laz, its because the rest of his team pressured too hard.


He is the hardest medic to kill other than Caira if she is pared with Hank(If she is, she is going to last an infinite time longer than Laz would, even if paired with Hank).

No, there are three main reasons:

  • Some Laz players are really stingy with the heal burst and do not heal the team between battles, making things less fun when you engage at half health.

  • When you play with any medic that is not Caira, you have to dodge a lot more. Nothing sucks more than being hit by a rock because you didn’t know how to dodge/react in time/see it in the first place and then followed up with a leap smash while spinning around unable to control your jetpack, all while you don’t have Caira healing you back to full health before you even finish reading this sentence. Especially if you are the trapper, since you will lose the dome.(Not that it’s the medic’s job alone to keep the trapper alive, but in pubs it pretty much is because the random guy you got as Hank is busy using the laser cutter.)

  • Against a bit better than average monsters that use a bit more tactics than just brute force, he is pretty much instantly countered without much effort.


Because Laz is predictable and cannot effectively heal his team.

Someone goes down and the monster simply sticks around the body’s general area until the body disappears or gets a chance to eat it. The only way to avoid this is to hammer the monster with enough fire power that it is forced to leave the body alone. Most teams can’t do this and most monster players won’t make it very easy for you.

Kraken flies around with impunity and can keep anyone off the body from range.

Behemoth has a wall so he can get some eating time in.

Wraith can actually just decoy and eat the body if no one is paying attention. Or move away and abduct it.

Goliath is the only one who is more or less tethered to the body, at which point he’ll move away until you come in for the revive. Then you’ll eat a Leap Smash into Rock, tumble around and get a hammerfist into the grave.

Then there’s the fact your are horrifyingly exposed once you do get the revive off, even if you didn’t burn cloak to do it. It’s not hard to follow footprints.

And no, he does not have more survivability than Caira. No one does.


Don’t agree. Without Reload Speed, Laz can burst every 15 seconds and cloak for ten seconds every 25. Unless Sunny is present, he’s not going to get away once you’re on top of him.

Caira can self heal more often and efficiently. Acceleration Field gives her a far greater degree of evasion.


People don’t like Laz because it takes a lot of skill from the whole team for him to work well. You can take Caira and have weaker teammates and still win. With Laz the team needs to be higher skill since Laz won’t always be there to heal team. Means team needs to dodge well and think more than they would with Caira.


And it’s weaker then Caira’s and Val’s.


While a dev said so, it is actually false and they all heal the same amount(20%), except for Slim, which heal for less.
Val’s healing burst is also special because she heal herself more, but I can’t remember if that is implemented yet.

Caira heals have only 50% of the effect on herself, so it won’t save you if you are focused, unless Hank is on the team.
Lazarus’s cloak is useful to get the monster off your back for a couple of seconds. Considering you can’t tell footprints apart, it is useful in combat where there would be tracks all over the place, but not as effective when running away. Of course, even if you are cloaked, you are still fully visible. The cloak work like this:

Health regen actually work quite well when you use it with the cloak, as the cloak duration + you keeping the distance will usually leave you with full health by the time the monster find you again. But the cloak would likely still be in cooldown, of course.


that’s not fair to say good monster against an average team though


it’s weaker than vals self heal


without help. and after burning heal burst. cairas self healing is abysmal. it does absolutely nothing. your better off accellerating and not shooting at all.

not tested…but im pretty sure laz can cloak and use hp regen perk to heal more than caira ever could…as long as he jukes the monster .thats the FUN part lol.


The world isn’t fair.
The current matchmaking only take levels into consideration, not skill.

Macman also said it also make sure it does not put someone who got to level 40 by only playing against bots against people that got there trough multiplayer, so that you don’t screw yourself over if you want to play without internet connection for a while.

But other than that, you will still be put in a match with little Jimmy that couldn’t care less about not picking people up when Lazarus is on the team, even after reaching level 40. The same guy that would later be playing as the monster against Lazarus and be surprised when the dead hunter come back to life and jump straight into the forum claiming Lazarus is OP.

Humans are strange.


I’m saying that’s like taking a pro laz vs someone who’s never played evolve


If you hop while shooting at your feet you get the healing and the speed. Standing around and shooting at your feet or running and firing does nothing. Hopping while running with AF on makes you fast while still healing for the “abysmal amount”. It’s not a lot, but it adds up. Val cannot heal herself even though her burst grants her more healing. LAz won’t move faster. A focused Slim is virtually unable to fire his Leech gun and therefore unable to heal.


OI! i may have learned something lmao…

still the healing is sooo low. right now on survivability i say its laz, slim, caira, val. and either of them with hank increases that 10x. then it becomes, Slim, caira, laz, val. because slim can shoot and heal his entire team.

oh yeah a focused slim can get the 3 shots needed. especially with the current iteration of aim assist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lazarus is badass if you play him like he should played. but the team has to coordinate with him to make him most efective and keep him alive