Why so many pessimists?


Gaming has slid downhill because people have no patience, and no Understanding.

Yes, Evolve needs work.
Yes, It has had a rough start.
Yes, A patch is in order.

People. Calm Down, Step Back, and Step into the Developers shoes.

They worked for years on this game to get it to where it is.
They’re not machines, they have families and lives, Yes the game is a few days past release.
It take weeks of testing, and trial and error to get everything to work properly.

Some of you new players this generation haven’t had to wait months for a patch, so you’r all impatient and expecting a “Week One” Patch.

Give me a break! These people worked hard, and continue to do so. So you can have an enjoyable experience. Have some patience and wait it out.

Chill out already.

We all know “--------- is Overpowered!”, “---------- is Unbalanced!”
Sit down, Play nice, and quit whining.
It will get better. Just hang on.
If any of you had played L4D you’d realize TRS doesn’t mess around. They figure it out, and get it done right.



I don’t share the general crying and just enjoy the game. I was sick for a week and unable to play in the first days, but now every day I play I enjoy it more.


Having too much fun to care.


WAIT!! Evolve needs work!! SINCE WHEN!!!


evolve will be like demons souls, start with a small hardcore audience and build a larger hardcore audience. but the audience will always be hardcore, the casuls will leave early.


Demon soul is still thriving, demon soul is still loved, i rather that outcome then see evolce gome throught what happaned to some other gsmes i can name

In terms of balance, think evolve is the least unreasonable game I play in terms of a newly launched game. A almost 52% for hunters and 49% for monster is itself near impossible to achieve for a launch game. Of cos there should be fixes and fortunately they do come.

Ppls do get impatient and salty, their lost really. If this game is not their thing, that’s cool for me.


I like you people. You’re alright in my books.
Kinda glad It’ll likely stay hardcore. Hate games filled with casual kids screaming into their mics.


I just have no desire to reunlock everything perk and progress wise all over again. I made it to rank 36 unlocked wraith and kraken elite skins then got wiped. SOOO yeah redoing progression is not something I enjoy as for 2k’s way to “make it better” unlocking the t2 monster and hunters does not take long at all and is literally the last thing I am worried about. But the effort you have to put into get those elite skins is ridiculous I WAS going to start on goliath and finish him up just so I could have all the elite monsters but I have no desire to even play with a huge problem such as that.


I read things like this in almost every forum I go to: Destiny, GTA V, Evolve, War Thunder, Warframe, etc.

What you’re running into is a bad case of the “Loud Minority” this is the group of people who have nothing better to do with their time that either want to troll, have had a bad day or are just plain ignorant.

I’d say give the forums a break for now, go back with the “Silent majority” this is the group of people whom are to busy playing the game to give a shit about what people write on the forums.

I’m just here because I wanted to laugh at people’s stupidity before i go to bed (I’m not talking about you. I’m sure you’re a nice person)


You should see every thread a guy named as’rais or something like that makes (picture of a Xenomorph).

He acts liek the game has already died and not doing good at all despite the complete opposite being quite true.

Having a few less people on the game on Valentines day obviously meant we were losing people and had very little time left


I’ve been trying to come here less. I realize this is the turtle rock community, but It’s overpopulated by the aforementioned trolls and casuals. I play on PS4. So there aren’t too many hardcore gamers with mics.


Everyone is just so impatient and butthurt. It’s killing this forum, the community here is such a downer.


The community is pretty good here. The whiners are a release of game phenomenon. I’m sure they’ll be back in their holes soon enough.