Why screw over veterans so hard?


We payed our money, we played your game, we dipped in the necessary sweat and tears…

Why do i have to regrind the perks of both monster and hunter all over again? I even played your shitty app for cosmestics, but now those many hours are simply for naught, as it apparantly gives me too much of an advantage in the new system to have them… Or something…

I see how you need to rehaul som aspects, but some of these resets just dont make sense to me… Where is my baldy patch-eyed icon, which I apparantly wasted several hours of my life for.


Oh yeah. The hunter’s quest badges are gone. That’s a shame, I did really like those.

At least we can keep our Arctic skins though.


The mastery system of old is gone, there was no way to transmit that data. However any dlc you paid for is unlocked and there are new Prime skins available on top of the Elite skins. Yes, you’ll need to unlock your masteries again, but they’re not the same masteries that you used previously. :slight_smile:


Do you not enjoy participating? Part of the fun of this experience is levelling things up again imo. You never unlocked these perks, so it’s not true to say that we’re doing it “all over again”, because the system is more extensive and different! I’m enjoying having the experience of a Day 1 player again :slight_smile:

The hunters quest badges not being retained by those that earned them is a bit annoying, I don’t think they needed to reset that, but at the same time they’re now achievable in normal levelling up so you’ll get them back :wink: