Why San Andreas Sucked, we need Pele


This movie is actually well directed and acted, but its just so
ridiculous with the disasters. Granted they’re fun, but they’re just too
ridiculous and take away from the emotion that we should feel when we
see a disaster film. What irks me is that all of this would’ve been much
better if they simply based it on a different state. California is not
capable of having earthquakes or tsunamis like this, but there is one
state that is. Hawaii. Make a movie called “Pele” and have it be about a
massive volcanic eruption and subsequent failure of the Hilina Slump.
For all of you who don’t know, the Hilina Slump is a gigantic chunk of
the Big Island ,which is 20,000 cubic kilometers in volume, which is
unstable and has the capacity to catastrophically fail in a colossal
landslide. From this, you would get an earthquake which would exceed
well above 9 on the Richter Scale, so you got a giant earthquake that
devastates the Islands. Then, you would get a truly massive megatsunami,
which will likely be a half mile high initially. Have this giant wave
flatten the coastal cities on the Islands, kill hundreds of thousands,
and you got yourself a truly epic disaster piece. Not to mention the
smaller earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to precede this that you can
have in the film. You got the geologic trifecta, earthquakes, volcanoes,
and tsunamis. And the best part is it’s completely grounded in reality,
which allows for a more emotional connection with the audience because
it’s real and something that could actually happen. Hope it doesn’t, but
realism is kinda needed in your disaster films.


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Why not make a movie about Yellowstone. 2012 did not count since only a scene was used from it. Why not make a movie about mount Everest falling apart? Why not make a movie about the ring of fire? There’s a lot of "Why not"s in life, and not everything can be accomplished. If they made “Pele” into a movie then people would complain about how there’s no disaster movie about Antarctica.


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I knew there was a reason I wanted to not go to Hawaii…


I believe that’s just john Carpenters The Thing.


I loved the thing.

I wanted to watch SA but never got the time maybe one day when I randomly come across it on tv.