Why play normal Goliath

Why play normal golaith if you can meteor golaith? Meteor seems way stronger then normal.

Its the burning sensation that makes him so popular.

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Meteor Goliath do less raw damage, so he suffer a lot from a support with shields (Hank) and the concept of hitting someone and let them burn is hard countered by the Shield Drone that automatically shield the hunter who was last hit, protecting said hunter from a large portion of the afterburn.
And Slim, who heals multiple targets, again removing the point.

However, the extra speed on his Rock Throw is pretty good, so he is not flat out worse than original Goliath.

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I just like how fast he is. He might not be as good as goliath in a fight, but you get more armor for fights because you can make distance. And yes his rock throw and fire breath are amazing.

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Goliath is good at taking down a single target faster (like if you REALLY want to kill assault as quick as possible) while meteor goliath spreads the damage out which stresses out a good number supporting based hunters because they can’t protect multiple hunters at once

Normal Goliath for the unique skins that meteor goliath doesn’t have.

does mg eat quicker or is it just me?

It’s probably just you. Maybe there’s an animation change, but I doubt it changed mechanically

Alternatively, if two Hunters are on fire the drone changes target so often that it doesn’t prevent any damage.

OG only does two things better: burst damage and skins. And his burst isn’t good enough, at all, to justify picking him over MG imo. OG is too slow and struggles to escape and armor up, is more intensely countered by shields (which the two meta supports have), and is not as mobile in a fight.

MG’s lesser burst is made up for by being able to burn opponents over time. Set two or three guys on fire, and your damage is leagues ahead of OG. This burn counters every medic except Slim - Val can only heal one target at a time, Laz is revealed almost permanently, and if you set Caira and someone else on fire and they stand next to each other to both heal at once, you hit both of them with abilities and outpace her healing. You whittle down the team, punish a weak link, and get an easy strike - then get far enough away to actually armor up.

If OG were faster during the chase game or had more reliable burst, it’d be preference. But currently OG’s W/L is about 42.2% and MG’s is 49.something%.