Why play co-op with no mic?


Why? Why? Why? I can’t stand it! Communication is paramount.


To be honest you can play without a mic pretty well as long as at least two people have them.

But Trapper NEEDS a mic, yes.

I played with MC’s TAW team today with no mic. We won pretty easily.


As long as the one without a mic is following orders, why should you be using a mic? I hate talking to gamers on the mic, I ain’t 16 no more.


Why play co-op with no mic? Talking strategy is key in a lot of games. Plus, it’s nice to know that the team is actually is paying attention and not just running off solo.

I can’t stand CoD players playing this game with me. They think it’s any other shooter and they go off and get slaughtered.

Example: I was playing nest tonight, all 3 had no mic. My team is destroying an egg and I notice another egg taking damage. I have a bucket in my party, so I’m think he’s off doing that. Ok fine. Then the monster attacks us at the egg I’m at. And we’re taking damage and I look for my healer, who is Lazarus, and he’s the idiot off hitting an egg alone. He cloaked thinking he’d be stealth an destroy egg. Well, we wiped because this moron was off alone.

It’s just frustrating. I absolutely hate pub teams for this reason. When I play with my group we communicate and it’s efficient.


You don’t have to be 16 to enjoy playing a game with other people. Lol. I’ve been playing with a guy for 17 years. We met playing on the original Xbox and have become great friends over the years.


Keep in mind that there are gamers who can’t speak. I find its best to assume that they can hear you, even if they don’t respond.


personally due to the amount of ppl that talk to you like your’e an idiot or a piece of crap (which they apparently think is appropriate) I plug my headphones in turn the volume down and sit them on the floor. the talking comes through my tv otherwise. The problem with this is that allot of ppl on this game are decent ppl and they are suffering due to the minority of thoughtless individuals who think they are the amazing and wonderful and everyone else is terrible and that somehow not being good at a video game somehow means you’re stupid


I recently had a match where the support actually complained that me and another dude (lazarus) talked too much lel. He ressed a Tyrant on him. Oh the joy


You really don’t need a mic to play this game unless you’re playing competitively. If your team is good, they’ll probably be doing roughly what you want them to do anyway. If your team is BAD, then they probably won’t be doing what you want whether you have a mic or not.

The difference you’d make in either case is so minimal, it only really helps once every 100 games. Like I said, only helps in competitive, where you’re really getting intricate with tactics, which you won’t likely be doing in pubs or casual games.


^This. Furthermore a lot of people have their own personal reasons for not speaking. You can’t judge others.

And as I said, it’s not absolutely essential. You can do well with one, maybe two micless players, especially on PC with txt chat.


Why? Players tend to be hostile and disrespectful, besides the game is perfectly designed to be played without verbal communication (ping, anyone? playing your hunter’s role right, anyone?).
You could benefit from voice commands, sure, but at least to me the potential downside of exposing yourself to other people’s verbal abbuse and bossiness makes it not worth it.
Playing with friends? Sure. Playing with PUGs is a rotund NO.


i play without a mic mostly because i have social anxiety but when i play me and the rest of the team mostly win


This. I’d rather not have an unknown kid talk trash at me for not playing like I should in his mind, thank you. So I’m not going to voluntarily open a way of communication to make it easier for people to insult me.

Also please support this thread I made, related to the subject:


I’m not 16 either but I still use a mic when playing a very team oriented game. What’s age have to do with good communication? If anything most prefer people using mics to be older with a deeper voice as it’s not as annoying to hear high pitched squeals haha


Regarding age, in my humble experience I’ve found that younger kids tend to see people on multiplayer games less as actual persons they should respect and more as people to boss around/insult. I think it’s a maturity issue, even though I know this is a broad generalization.

The anonymity brought on by using the internet can be an intoxicating power that not everyone is able to control, and it’s disappointingly easy to become a jerk to others when there’s nno consequences for doing so because you’re not seeing their face some feet away from yours.

As they put it in that famous Penny Arcade strip (pardon the language, I’ll remove it if the moderators consider it offensive):

Think about how worse it gets as the person is (maybe justifiably) more immature due to being younger.

tl;dr: A headset can become a tool for abuse and bullying.


Learn to communicate through something other than speech. Monkeys have been doing it for years, take note.


Because not everyone has one?

Honestly though, even though I have a mic in 95% of the time, what’s the point? What do I gain? If my teammates don’t start talking first, I probably won’t start, since it would either make me a leader of the team, which is certainly not where I want to be, or just turn me into that one person to vent the frustration of an unsuccesful hunt on.

No point.


I don’t use a mic, unless playing with a friend I know. Everyone else? What’s the point?


I use the mic all the time. Even if nobody else is talking, I usually will. I mostly play trapper and talk about various ingame stuff unless I am playing with some of my usuall teammates in which case we can talk about many random things first minute of the game. After that we finally focus on the match.

Ocasionally, I hear someone complaining about OP Wraith (before) or Kraken (now), but for the most part people are nice and positive. I have not heard immature people since first few days, I guess they either stopped playing or they were not that big in numbers in the first place.

With all that said, I don’t mind playing with quiet people. Most of the important info can be conveyed via pings anyway.


Language barrier, shyness, poor teammates in prior games who do nothing but bitch at you etc.