Why pick markov over hyde?


hyde seems like a direct upgrade
flame thrower has more dps
minigun has more dps
While toxic grenades don’t have as much dps as arc mines they have very potent zoning potential combined with flamethrower this generates massive dot over any monster foolish enough to stand still


Minigun is much more inaccurate than the assault rifle, especially at long range, lightning gun has longer range/ doesn’t miss its target, and mines do crazy damage. Markov is a more solid choice (in general) against Kraken, while I try and take Hyde against Goliath. Neither of them are bad, and they can be used in all situations, but it is definitely a preference, I’d say.


I usually play assault class and after unlocking Hyde, I only use him now. After reading @Kyprioth post, he had a good point regarding Kraken. I hate the fact that the flame thrower can’t reach Kraken when he is flying around. I would literately use up my jet pack fuel to hit him. Now I know, I may have to use Markov when playing Kraken monster.


Your flamethrower can reach…if you know you’re going up against a kraken, take jump height and double tap your jump without using a movement direction and you’re basically the same height as the Kraken.

Also if you’re halfway decent with your grenades you should be able to hit him in the air with them every time he casts lightning strike or aftershock. And contrary to popular belief, the grenades do the same damage as arc mines, just spaced out over 8 seconds. And as a bonus well…grenades work on Kraken, mines don’t.

His only weakpoint is engaging in terribly open areas against the Kraken, like over the tyrant pit on Fusion Plant.


That fucking tryant pit man
do toxic grenades force the kraken on the ground like tranq darts?


What’s wrong with the Tyrants



No but it will mark a very wide area of the sky unusable for him. It’s a hell of a zoning weapon.


he is kinda cute…


It seems as though there are Hunters better suited against different Monsters. Hyde is better against the Goliath and Markov is better against the Kraken. Makes me wish we could see the choice of Monster before we picked our class.

Who else just quits if put against a Kraken with Hyde, Maggie, and Lazareth?


If there was a Tyrant PLush. I’d buy it


I prefer Hyde and Lazarus against Kraken…