Why people should play Evolve with the Air-con turned off

According to wikipedia:

This principle states that for an exothermic process (one which produces heat), if the temperature is increased, less of a product will be formed, but when the temperature is reduced, more of a product is formed.

Then, there is this:

This is an actual process where there is a 1 in several hundred million chances where a person will burst into flames, and be reduced into its products of carbon dioxide and other salts.

Thus, when I keep the air-con turned off, the room temperature increases. Thus, when I were to suddenly spontaneously combust, I will either slow the rate of the combustion, or decrease its chances to happen at all.

This will maximise the chances of survival.

Therefore, my advice for everyone is to play Evolve in a high-temperature room to reduce the chances of spontaneous human combustion.


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I’m going to have to ask for proof here. Test your hypothesis and report back with videos.

I won’t be alive to tell the tale if I try to prove it …

But then the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence …

Well, my room faces the sun all day, and when it heats up, it impairs my ability to play Evolve at a high level, so what you really need to ask yourself is, is it worth the risk?

Morning brain can’t process this.
Oh well, back to drawing I guess.

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Probability of spontaneous human combustion = 0.0000001
Probability of not combusting = 99.9999999

Expected loss when one combusts = - (infinity) [because dying causes one to lose everything)
Expected gain when one does not combust = + (finite number, let’s say X)


Expected loss x probability of combusting = - (infinity)
Expected loss x probabiltiy of not combusting = + (X)

Since - (infinity) <<<< + (X),
It is therefore worth the effort

Unless one wants to be the guy above :slight_smile:

The other day when I tried this, combustion happened. My computer combusted.

There you have it, @PeirsPryce. This man just saved your life!

That’s science for him. ^.-

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But I like melting faces :’(

air cons use too much energy, I prefer using a wind tunnel anyways.


Thanks for the tip, I’ve had an increasing fear of this for awhile now when playing against Goliaths.

It’s getting close to Summer, and we usually get 100-110 degrees.

I will turn on the damn air con if I please, I don’t care if I explode.