Why People Hate on Cabot


Cabot is a frustrating support. You can amp all day but assault decides how much damage to do. However, everyone says that he isn’t viable against a good monster. I think this is untrue. Here’s why I think people are using him wrong.

  1. Stage 1: Cabot is scary at stage 1. Cabot and a good assault should be able to chop off a few bars at stage 1. Stage 1 domes are necessary.
  2. Style: People are too used to shields. Dodge.
  3. Laz: I’m not saying this can’t work. However, they have a couple major issues.
  • laz barely helps People stay up. Cabots amp is much less effective when anyone is down. If assault is down Cabot might be better off shooting. If trapper is down the monster can flee. If medic is down you’re screwed. Cabot going down isn’t great either.
    -other medics do/help more damage
    -point being everyone needs to be up for the amp.
  1. Dust tagging: people are so careful about this. Don’t be. When tracking definitely tag if you see the monster. Also try to guess and Tag it comes back frequently. Also don’t throw only at the end of a dome. Throw it at the start and end. The visibility is helpful.
  2. Cloak: Cabot usually isn’t A primary target. Try to cloak teamates before they Are almost dead.
    These are my thoughts.
    I’d like to hear others on why Cabot is bad or why I’m wrong.


Communication is key with Cabot. He’s a high risk high reward character. Other people would rather play it safe and go with a Sunny or Hank.

I think Cabot is a fine support, he just requires a very good team that works together well and listens.


Cabot is fine against every monster except a Kraken and in some means a Goliath. Both of these monsters are able to put out some serous burst damage that might require a defensive support. The difference is Goliath will get punished for it whereas Kraken won’t.
I was going to say Cabot is bad against Kraken but… so is every other support. Hank and Sunny can deal with Kraken a mite better though.


Pub usually don’t know how to use the amplifier or work in with it.

Cabot with bad amplifier is even worse than Bucket.


Cabot is… not bad, but certainly doesn’t bring enough to the table to be picked over Hank or Sunny either.

The thing about Monster gameplay nowadays is that it’s all about chaining multiple abilities together to burst a Hunter’s health from 100% to 0% in a matter of seconds. In Kraken’s case this is particularly easy and you’ll even find yourself killing Hunters who still had an almost full jetpack.

Defensive Supports are required to make sure that 1 single barrage of these chained abilities isn’t enough to kill a Hunter. And since these abilities will then have to recharge, this gives Hunters the time to recover and get ready to repeat the cycle.
With an offensive Support there is no cycle. That first barrage will either easily kill the target or leave him/her with too much health loss to recover in time for the next combo.

Cabot is a great character but he doesn’t completely fit in a meta where winning as the Monster is determined by how quickly you can tumble your target to death.

And it certainly doesn’t help that most pub Cabot players turn on the Amplifier whenever they feel like it.
Like what the fuck? Cabot is already so easy to play, does it require a mastermind to figure out you should turn on the bloody thing when you hear the Mortar Cannon but not when Assault is reloading or behind a corner?!


Pretty much only support I play now live him playing with cabot makes the matches more interesting if you ask me but then again I’m absolutely sick of playing the same comp everytime


Cabot is best support.


All supports besides Tech Sgt are great if you know how2use


You forgot to add Bucket to that list.


Excuse me, but I hate when people say this.
We have a limited amount of jetpack, and when that runs out you are bound to get hit by some sort of heavy hit, get stun locked then parish to a good monster that can combo. That’s just how it is.

Now about Cabot, I can kill a monster in 1 dome is the trapper is on point and pressure is on to move around. It just makes that stage 1 battle faster lol


I think since Kala’s come out it’s opened people’s eyes more to Cabot as he’s just as good.

I don’t normally pick him but i think in a good team he’s good probably better than Kala.


Yeah pretty much any risk/reward hunter goes out the window against Mr.Kraken,can’t believe it’s still not been nerfed via a hot fix,what’s with waiting for TU all the time for nerfs or buffs!


this is the thing most supports Don’t do I do this with medic and it helps a lot unless medic is stupid ex: for people who need one I am playing Kala with my friend who was playing E.M.E.T. she was low on health I told her hold on I am coming doge while I am coming I get there in 2-3 seconds and clock and we both get away with no one dying we go to a nearby healing buoy


Actually, I personally think that Kala outclasses Cabot in numerous ways, especially when played on a co-ordinated team.

Her Siren Missiles bring good damage for far less effort than his Rail Cannon does, and are capable of shooting around corners, largely offsetting the loss of the far too situational use of Cabot’s ability to shoot through scenery.

Teleporter Pads can allow a focused team-mate to get out of the line-of-fire, and when used in conjunction with the cloak can lead to some potentially disorienting mindgames.

I think that the only cause for debate is the Armour Reducer vs. The Amp, since The Amp doesn’t lose the majority of its use once the monster’s armour is gone, however, the ability to immediately deal health damage isn’t anything to scoff at, and it’s timer-based as opposed to damage-based, which allows the rest of the team to lend a healthy contribuation to the Armour Reducer as opposed to just the Assault.


IMO his amp’s capacity shouldn’t be drained like shield. If that problem was fixed he would be great!


cabot is not bad.

There are simply bad teams with cabot on the roster.


Except that would break the weapon.


Other people already said what’s good Bout Cabot; he’s a stage one killer. Catch the monster early and you usually win. Use the cloak on hurt teammates. However, coordination is so much more important with Cabot, I wouldn’t recommend him in mic less games


From my experiences with Cabot I believe he is viable in competitive matches, but not UP or OP. Cabot shouldn’t be played with pubs because he requires coordination with the entire team, not just assault to make the most of his amp. If the entire team keeps up the pressure and is able to dodge a couple of moves the monster’s armor and health will easily melt. If you are playing with laz then the trapper needs to make the most of those weak spots while amp is on.

After eliting Kala and playing some 20 games with her in ranked I believe Cabot’s amp is better. She’s helpful against dome mitigation but a well coordinated team with Cabot can just as easily break through the monster’s armor and still continue to do great damage against the monster’s health, unlike Kala who has to spam non-stop missiles after armor is broken.

As for Torvald being op, I think he’s close to it but not quite. He requires a lot of skill to consistently predict where the monster is going and hit him with mortars.

That depends on who the trappers is. I find that waggie’s op damage being boosted with laz’s sniper shots and an amp does a pretty good job at punishing the monster if assault is down.


Increase the recharge then. There are so many options.