Why people are crying OP for X monster


It is all about learning, adapting. Evolving if you will.

Evolve isn’t like COD where every single match is the same. Each monster matchup and team composition requires different thinking. Playing against the wraith requires an ENTIRELY different strategy from something like goliath. She is super squishy, and when players don’t capitalize on this, they complain about her escaping and wrecking their team.

I have even heard people say that Kraken is OP, which he isn’t. You have to pick your fights carefully with kraken because he has a very similar problem, when he engages he is very vulnerable (he has the lowest dodging capability). His two main damage sources leave him VERY slowed, easy pickings.

Instead of crying because your FPS tactics don’t work, try another strategy, or look up tips on how to help defeat the monster.



They’re just salty. People need to realize if you lost a pug game you likely did something wrong. There is always ways to improve you just have to accept that you made mistakes.


^ this



People will be “salty” (btw, worst ever phrase/term to enter the gaming vernacular) , and it’s not going to be because they don’t realise that they can be better, it’s because they’ve not had fun. It’s all well and good making holier-than-thou posts about how clearly people just need to understand the game to your level, but it doesn’t actually help anything for them. TBH this thread is basically just a well created troll on new players (edit: This isn’t a good thing).


At least we have a thread to link them to if they come here and cry :stuck_out_tongue:


What you fail to realize is that balance is going to be subjective. Its all well and good if a high level game has a nice back and forth going, but what about everything below that level of play? PUGs don’t have that kind of teamwork or experience, so should they be left out to dry because its not balanced at their level?


The reason thr monster seems OP to a lot of people right now is because a lot of the people playing monster right now have some alpha/beta experience. Experience makes a huge difference in a game like this. The key really is adaptability.



I dunno, haven’t gotten to the wraith yet but just from fighting them they all seem pretty balanced now. Their are individual aspects I would change (Banshee Mines move too slowly, Rock Throw could have a bigger radius, ect.), but I wouldn’t nerf any of them so far. Hunters have something like a 52% win rate any who.


It feels different to me versus the beta. I’m getting wrecked as the monster. I don’t think they’re OP.


Well, to solve the OP issue Turtle Rock just needs to make a section on the site that has daily metric updates. Win/Loss, Damage, etc. Then there would be up to date statistics showing what if anything was “OP”


They don’t have fun because they THINK it is unfair, and/or aren’t doing well. We just need to educate them about how the game works, so they can make an accurate judgement of the game themselves.


But are you suggesting we lower the difficulty or balance or whatever so higher level play isn’t balanced? The only way we can help low-level PUG players is to educate them on how the game works.


I completely agree. #saltyhate


If a game dynamic is such that it is more likely than not that they’ll be running around for 15 minutes, followed by not really being able to fight anything, then it’s not them who have the problem


My goal wasn’t a ‘holier-than-thou’ post. If anything, people calling OP are the ones acting all high and mighty. “What? I can’t win using the same old tactics from FPS games? This game must be imbalanced! I refuse to try and change anything about how I play because it is not my fault!”

EDIT: And by fault, I mean they might not know enough about how the game works, or don’t have enough teamwork.

How is this thread a troll on new players?!?!!? I don’t understand your logic. EDIT: This post is meant to help new players, teach them how Evolve is different from any other FPS they have played. This is here to dispell any INCORRECT notions of imbalance. I want to explain to people that each monster or team of hunters REQUIRES different tactics to be successful. The biggest factors for this are the MEDIC choice, the SUPPORT choice, and the MONSTER choice imo.


It is not a game dynamic that the wraith (or w/e tf you are talking about) can’t be found or tracked. That is ridiculous. It technically is the fault of the hunters if they cannot find the monster. That, or the monster is superbly good.

The game dynamic is tracking and fighting the monster. It was never in the design to “run around for 15 minutes” and then “not be able to fight anything.”

P.S. Hunters can STILL win a Stage 3 fight, it is juist very difficult (obviously)


This game is the most PUG friendly game that I have seen in a long time.

As a hunter, all you have to do is stick together and do your job. That’s it. And you should win.

Well don’t suck is implied.


The Stealth monster with the lowest armor and health pool currently is supposes to be found before it gets out of stage one? That goes against the very nature of it. And really the only tracker that has any excuse for not finding Wraith is Griffin since sound spikes are useless against sneaking monsters. Abe should be darting everything and Follow the puppy. Then dash aheas of her once she’s heading towards a junction or edge of the map.

If the monster if hiding the entire match just set up really well at the relay. Usually if I don’t get a couple strikes on the hunters I get wrecked at the end.

I would agree with something like every 5 minutes with no combat the monster could be scanned for by the ship or something.


Also remember everyone is NEW to the game.
Until you start unlocking perks and different characters, it might feel a little underpowered add to the fact people are just starting.
Give it a few days until people start working out good strat.