Why Only Goliath Minions


I completely understand why Chris Ashton said they used goliath minions, and did away with kraken and wraith minions. cause they are generally up close and personal, and that’s not how kraken and wraith are effective. But I really feel like that takes away so much from evolve. Can’t minions be programmed to react and fight like their respective species would. That would give us alot more to unlock, even unlocking each minions skills, but only using one at any time cause its a level 1 minion. It really feels like my strategies for when I fighting with minions are really limited, if I’m wraith, I don’t want to go and fight with my minion or ill b as dead as him, I’d rather have a wraith minion ir kraken minion hitting them with vortex, and splitting them up a lil. I just think it would give us all alot more replay value and strategy on defend and nest especially. If I’m a wraith why am I protecting goliath eggs? If I’m playing nest I got no more eggs I don’t want my last minion giving them the win. I want him running and ducking, lol just my opinion my only real issue with balance

Kraken,wraith and behemoth minions

Can’t minions be programmed to react and fight like their respective species would.

Nope. That’s why they didn’t do it.


They could be programmed, that was really rhetorical


Oh really, then how in the world do you think fighting AI Krakens and Wraiths is possible in hunt mode?


I realize. But still nah. The minions are meant to be that, minions. Dumb, predictable, and ( comparatively ) easy to handle. Things would become unnecessarily complicated if you had to start factoring in sneaky minions or sniping minions or whatever. The mini-goliath is the perfect template for it. And, let’s be real, it’s more than likely that a big reason they’re not just a whole 'nother species is because creating a whole new monster to be minions is hard, and they just had a crummy version of the Goliath as a stand-in minion in testing, they found out that it actually kinda works as a minion, and said " fuck it, it’ll do ".


They have previously stated that with many other things that have minions, monster ideas, hunter ideas, that it just can’t be done in a game like evolve to be able to command things around. That would it a bit more of an RTS in some cases and take away first person boss fighting combat elements. It would also be difficult to multitask whilst fighting the enemy, and commanding your minion. This is why Daisy has such a simple AI.

Also, having minions that don’t do anything but run up and attack is not limiting strategy. Example, as Goliaths, you can run with them and beat things up just like them, with Kraken, you can use them as meat shields while blasting everything and with Wraith you can use them as a distraction while you set up abductions and assassinations.

Also, I would find it pretty frustrating as a hunter or monster if it was doing anything else other than just attacking. Being able to tell the minion to run would be incredibly annoying as a hunter on nest.

In any sort of game where a minion is involved, it needs to have a simple AI. Look at a moba, minions would be pretty stupid if they did not just run up to things and attack them.

Just my thoughts on the topic.


I’d like it if the eggs would be different depending on your monster, though.

I can understand it being Goliath only on defend, but not during Nest.


Imagine fighting multiple Krakens.

I honestly believe that they did try it out and because it didn’t work very well, they stuck with Goliath as the minion creature.


It was stated that they, even in Nest, wanted to have the minions be the brawlers. They go and fight, and it’s everything they’re meant for.

Imagining how a Wraith minion would work, it would be severely better to decide to hatch the last egg and count on the fact your minion can Decoy against most threats than try to keep the egg so you get more hitpoints while fighting the Hunters.

Same would be with Kraken, as he relies on avoidinng damage in direct fight. Goliath is the only one who doesn’t.

IMO they shouldn’t have been similar to any of the monsters and have their own little set of abilities and look. It’s a lot of work making and balancing that, but after all it would make a lot of sense.


Those ain’t minions, are they?


They used goliaths because these minions didn’t cut it.


If they want minoins that go up and attack and are in your face then wouldn’t it make sense to add in Behemoth minions after he is released?


Idunno, we haven’t actually seen those yet. For all we know, Behemoth is just a deceptively named master of stealth.


It’s magikarp in disguise :smiley:


First off. Chris Ashton, from turtlerockstudios, was doin a live stream talkin with this other developer chick Chloe something, and she said that when they were play testing, they DID have wraith and kraken minions, but took them out cause they weren’t good at up close …obviously. But when ur a hunter playing solo, against the wraith or kraken, they aren’t programmed to rush in and fight. They COULD do the same thing with those species minions. All the stuff in a game like dragon age, and they can’t give us all monster minions. It seems more like a time constraint, then, that it can’t be done. How much more stuff could we unlock by having minions. We could unlock skills and it will give us more strategy than what u said. There’s only so many ways u can use a goliath minion. Its gonna get boring only being able to snatch away a hunter when u are wraith, playing with goliath minions. They said its a general rule that u don’t let the minions fight alone…well if I’m wraith what else do I do. Use my minions to snatch up a hunter. Ok that’s one thing. What else…


Well I hate the fact that u can hatch only one egg at a time especially since if u use wraith or kraken then it would benefit u to have Goliath as the minion as one minion is easy to focus on and isn’t really a help against expert players and so multiple would in fact make it a better fight how ever I think the minion should attack when the hunters attack an egg also to even out the minion part make a cap of 3 or 2 and have the hatching of the next ones last longer so its like a wager to activate more or fight with what u got


Really? I think having the minion is great. Expert players might be expert players, but it still takes them time and resources to fight the minion, during which you can screw them up from the sidelines. It’s still two monsters instead of one, even if one is notably weaker.


I didn’t say we shouldn’t have minions I said we should be able to get more minions as to not limit the strategy one can use on defense or nest. I just believe it would be better for the monsters, since hunters are starting to blur the lines between classes, that monsters aren’t always using the one strategy they can use with each monster and a goliath minion


I dunno, having 3 Goliaths + you is SOOOO much damage and knockdown/back.


They stated in one of their last streaming videos that they tried using different minions, but the Goliath minions worked best.