Why on console does the monster player always get the best ping...?


Before every game i check the pings on PS4 and always the monster is double digits whereas the hunters can be all 3 figure numbers.

Now in a game of split decisions these milliseconds can prove vital,just wanted to know if anything could be done to level it out a bit.


Because the monster is the host, typically the monster will have a really high ping when going against other regions or bad internet


I think that’s why i get downed when on my screen i dodged but on his i never,it’s kind of not fair as the monster already has a big advantage,giving them the better side of the ping is BS!


Just as you made this post I checked the pings in my match.
Support had 17. Two players had around 130. The monster had around 190.

Disproves your theory I guess ^^


Are you on console and from Europe…?


Yes, ps4, too


Well if that’s the case it’s extremely rare because let me rephrase this “most games the monster has the better ping by at least 50ms”


This is hard to test… I have a wired connection and always get about 12ms ping. Now when I am playing against a monster, average is 68 (for monster), I have lower but its sometimes the other way around


Sometimes some of the number seem to be way false like 4087 ms ping once

Sometimes its numbers like that so I can’t really see if it is true/false


Monster doesn’t always has the best ping

But the nearest server from the monster that is hosting the game in Hunt 2.0 and it should be like that all the time

On your screen you’re dodging but you’re not in monster screen … it’s not as using abilities against hunter in your screen but in hunter screen you missed him


Moster? Best ping? I usually get 200 ping on some of my best matches. Worst is like 1,200 so far. :confused:


My average ping for ps4 NA is 67, on a “bad” day, 600-1000+. If we didn’t host Latency Issues would be game breaking.


Because monster abilities are more subject to latency than hunter abilities (From combat abilities to eating wild life)


why do I have the best ping by like 10% even though I’m hunters


Doesn’t seem that way to me. My ping always decays over time. Last night it got real bad. I was playing arena and killed off laz in the first dome. When the second dome came he was still in the first one. Then my ping started hitting the thousands and the game crashed.


I’ve had that aswell maybe it’s your internet when it goes to the 1000’s


Possibly but I really don’t think so. It’s consistently in the 20s to 30s when playing other multiplayer games. It only tanks on evolve.


Probably put you on server out your region,god help dodging monster attacks with 1000ms lol


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