Why not use LoL's model for unlocks?


In order to provide content to players and avoid the massive negative reviews, why not just choose to adopt LoL’s unlock model? Have something like IP that players build up over time that allows them to unlock the Tier 3 characters or additional monsters. You can still have the purchasable option, just as LoL does, but this makes it to where players are not blocked from content, they just have to work harder to get it.


Do you think that Tier 3 is locked behind a paywall? Because this thread is really confusing to me.



Its also much better than LoL.This unlock system gives you the chance to practice with every single hunter/monster before getting the new one.And honestly level 1 masteries are very easy.

Or go to solo and play with bots to unlock them EVEN faster.

But no.LoL’s thing would be pretty bad for evolve


I think he thinks T3 is DLC. @Slithan All Hunters in the game are FREE. ALL of them. Every single one. Including Tier 3- Parnell, Cabot, Caira and Mustacheman Abe. FREE. There’s no need for that.


Then man, the misinformation train is really chugging. I googled for a decent amount of time and all I saw was unlocks costing money. It seems irresponsible not to differentiate between INSTANT unlocks vs EARNED unlocks. Thanks all for the clarification.


WHAT?! No dev, official, forum user or anybody with any form of half-chewed credibility ever said that! Jesus, people are so stupid.

To clarify once and for all, you don’t need money to unlock anything. We have 12 Hunters and 3 Monsters free with the game. Also 16 Maps and four game modes as well as a progressively evolving multi-campaign with 800000 possibilities, just to be abundantly clear. Trust me, there’s enough content in this game.


I’m talking about external sites and reviews. Take a look if you don’t believe me. The lack of clear information is astounding.


Oh I believe you. I’ve seen it myself, but let’s not go there- I’d rather not have homicidal urges on public transport.

Just don’t believe anything unless it’s from a dev or a forum user who’s been here before December 2014.


I am sad to hear that people are being told things like this.


The Antihype train is at full speed! Why? Because of the unfortunately confusing pre-purchase options. The most common misconception is that the stuff you can buy in the store now is ‘DLC’… It is in fact just cosmetic skins. No one rags on any other game in existence for charging for cosmetic additions.


I stalked the forums since October but finally joined December 3rd… Does that count? :smile:


Yes, it does. I stalked since February the 1st, but only joined in November.


Just to be clear: there’s about 50$ worth of DLC alternate skins, the next tier of Hunters & at least two others will be DLC, at least two more Monsters will be DLC, and XBox One pre-orders had the Tier 3 Hunters & Monsters unlocked in advance. There’s several different versions across platforms that have different combinations of DLC & unlockables. That doesn’t make someone who asks a question about the game stupid


I never said he was stupid- I said whoever told him T3 was paid is stupid. Which is true, because they aren’t asking a question, they’re stating an incorrect fact.


I’ve been unlocking characters in solo mode, it’s great! You can focus on doing exactly what you need for your masteries without letting your teammates down. No worries if that makes you lose the match, since it’s about the masteries anyway.