Why not test wildlife buff balance with a micropatch?


I know the developers are tossing around the idea of how to balance wildlife buffs, and I’m not sure if it’s something that can be micropatched, but I think giving wildlife buffs a slap on the wrist would be a great way to balance the buffs and allow the community to provide feedback.

Buffs currently decide games. Damage increase, damage reduction, cooldown reduction, and the traversal buff (especially if the hunters find it after landing; good luck evolving) are currently the most game-deciding buffs that really need toned down. As someone who plays a crap ton of monster I’m forced to gun straight for them if it’s not a custom game because of the massive advantage they give - and since the Behemoth patch sometimes that doesn’t even work do to the sluggish spawn system. (Of course, that’s another issue.)

I know the devs have been seeing a lot of complaints about the game deciding power of buffs, and I’m not sure how close the proposed ranked mode is, but I feel like including a wildlife buff nerf in a micropatch would be a good way to solve things in the meantime if it’s something that’s an easy implementation.


Yes please. Not so sound like a broken record from other posts, but to have an equally skilled matchup be heavily skewed in favor of the Monster before the Hunters even reach the ground is just… silly.

People argue that buff control is a strategy but that simply doesn’t make sense when it is almost completely in control of the Monster. There is no strategy involved when I can literally see a Monster eating the Damage Resistance buff while I’m falling from the sky.