Why not make two game modes to appeal to both demographics?


Why not make a gamemode like the hunt we have now, called Quick Match, where we have planet scanner and the lowered time limit and the dome and things that make the game generally faster, and then we also have another game mode titled Hunt which has the older things, such as no planet scanner, trapper’s have the dome again, maybe revert the support class ability (but i’m not as big about that) and all in all make the game slower and more of a hunt. Just make two separate queue pools and therefore appeal to both demographics. The only issue that I don’t have a solution to is which one ranked would be after. I feel like I would say the one that I call “Hunt” (the longer of the two) because it is more tactical and more of a commitment, which I feel is acceptable in ranked. I feel as though the playerbase is large enough right now to have two different queue pools, and it could be worth the experiment.


I thought this as well to be honest.

The current hunt could a quick brawl for higher points perhaps, or specific rewards skin or some such.

The legacy hunt could be re added only with one of the modes (auto dome/planet scanner) either absent or reduced, with a larger map.


I’m very against this idea because the game is in a better state now than it ever has been. That’s just objective. Whether one thinks it is or not is subjective.

The game as it is now is faster and made to be more enjoyable for everyone, including new players and clearly it’s doing a good job.

I enjoyed the old Evolve; it’s still playable. However under no circumstances should it return to the current build. That’s how I feel and that’s probably the Devs feel.


Well that’s why I am saying add a second game mode. While you say that it is objectively better, there are a lot of things that could lead to one calling it objectively better, for instance the new free to play model leading to higher player numbers, that aren’t exactly related to balance and whatnot. I personally do not agree that faster is objectively better, as I would be very into a stealthy longer game, and I’m sure many others agree with me. I am not saying take out the fast game mode, so that the new players and those who enjoy fast paced combat like yourself can still enjoy the game. I honestly though don’t see a downside to having more game modes and more options for the player, aside from development time.


I’m really nervous about the wait time increase when the population gets split between game modes. Like, I know they’ll add new game modes eventually, but right now I’m loving being able to find a match at 3am without having to wait.

Also, with the legacy Evolve, I feel like only monster players miss that. I know I don’t miss running around in circles for 15 minutes until the stealthy monster reaches stage 3.


That’s true, low wait times are definitely a plus. I am hoping, though, that with how many players the game has now it wouldn’t be too long even with another game mode or two.

I personally still miss it even as hunter. I feel we find the monster too easy, and that I’m not looking for clues like I used to be, and instead hitting planet scanner, dashing off in the direction of the monster, pincer it, dome, rinse and repeat. Tracks don’t mean as much as they used to, and startled birds rarely happen against a good monster. Not to mention things like daisy feel completely useless to me now.


Having multiple versions of the same mode with dramatic differences like that sounds like a lot of resources to balance to me.

Gotta say man. Im pleasantly surprised to see you say this.


It would probably be a harder to balance, you are correct, but I feel as though it would definitely appeal to a lot of people who have different tastes. Also, what if they were simply balanced separately, with different stats, but with a better way to see these stats when selecting your character?


Heres the thing and my biggest concern. Youre basically asking for legacy hunt. Evolve basically died with that version. People can blame the DLC nonsense all they like- And while it didnt help, its largely just a scapegoat. Evolve sold plenty of copies for a new IP. It had a crap ton of players at the start. It died. Players didnt enjoy playing that version of hunt. If they did- We wouldnt have been averaging literally 100ish online players per day just a couple weeks ago. A few weeks ago I went to join a match- and literally couldnt. There were only 29 players online. If people did enjoy that mode- why werent they playing it?

Will SOME of us miss aspects (or the entirity) of it? Sure. But that number is going to be few and far between.

Maybe im wrong- But I honestly dont believe itd worth the effort imo when you consider/understand what it takes, what it REALLY takes, to try to balance those wildly different modes.

This is a huge reason our patches on live were so few and far between. Theyve been working on stage 2 for 8-10months. Literally every patch weve had since then, has been a band-ade to hold the game over until they could get us this version of the game. Think about what happened after they DID announce tu9. Think about how many times the devs on these forums had to uhm and rrr back and forth about whether they should spend time tweaking adjusting and improving their version of the game, or release a hot patch for ours. At one point they were talking about doing tu8 “Version a”, with lots of micro tweaks to a bunch of characters- but never did, because they instead decided itd be better to keep balancing the version we now have.

This is how it would be again- A major split between hours in house, trying to decide which version to balance, when, and why. Its very labor intensive


I feel as though the argument that the game died with legacy hunt only works to the extent of people replacing current hunt with legacy hunt. If that were the case then I could see the argument making sense, but as is I simply don’t see how adding more options could cause the game to die. Personally I feel as though you can call the DLC and whatnot scapegoats, but the fact of the matter is is that it did indeed keep a lot of people away. It could have sold well as a game, but the DLC would drive people away even after they got the game, as it did for people that I know. I’m not here to argue that the old game mode was better or worse, I’m just saying that there are people out there who would probably like to see a second game mode, and since I had not seen anything about it, I decided to bring it up.

That all being said, I can understand your argument for the balancing side of this. It would be very difficult, and understandably not a task that TRS would not exactly want to undertake. This side of the argument I can agree with you on.


I didnt say itd cause the game to die.

Im questioning how popular itd be, when its already proven to be unpopular- And attempting to objectively justify the resources required to maintain (which would be substantial) something that players have already shown they didnt want to play.


Oh ok. That was my bad, I misunderstood. Personally I think that with how many new players there are now it would have a good chance of being successful, but I understand the concern and doubt.


Well to start, when I say it’s objectively better I mean there are facts that show I’m provably correct. Legacy Evolve died out very quickly and dwindled in the hundreds for months and months. In fact three months after release it had survived in the hundreds, no more than that meanwhile with the new update we’ve been staying at a mostly steady 30 thousand players, more or less. Provably the players seem to enjoy this kind of game over the old version.

Additionally many players are vehemently against “stealthy longer games”. That’s actually a main gripe of a lot of players; games were too long, the game was a running simulator, and the Monster could get away scott free without fighting at all until it hit Stage 3 then wiped the floor. It wasn’t fun and caused many issues found in the game.

As a final note, adding this is just a bad idea. TRS would need to keep a different meta and balance in mind when making their game, on top of that they’d have to support both modes. So an extensive amount of effort is focused on one meta and balance and the rest on the other, all the while increasing wait times and splitting the playerbase. It’d also be confusing for new players to join one mode and have everyone throw a dome and join another and suddenly that ability is gone.

It’s far too complicated and I find it’s just a poor decision.


Couldn’t have said it better.


I will never not love your gifs.


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There’s a lot of reason why -not- to. The two of the reasons being:

  1. Balance. Dev’s would have to balance the two game mode’s separately if they’re going to be supported by matchmaking. That literally doubles the amount of time and resources spent by the Dev’s, just so they can appeal to a small amount of players. And yes, statistically, the people who enjoyed the legacy mode are the minority.

  2. It divides the community. This is bad, because it can lead to accusations and insults, along the lines of “The dev’s are balancing Quick Play more then Legacy” and “Oh, you only play Quick Play? What a noob”. Those are just examples. It can also increase que times drastically for EITHER side, which leads to call outs of people not enjoying the ‘Right’ mode, further fracturing the community.

I’m sure there’s more reasons, but those are the two obvious one’s on having a separate mode for legacy would be a bad idea.