Why not Caira as well?


Looking at Slim, and Hyde with they’re grenades that posses a proximity detonation, why doesn’t Caira have one? Especially for her flame nades? What are you guy’s thoughts


We can only dream…


Because people like to “aim” with her. So she gets those abilities instead.


Hyde gets to aim and get a trajectory sight, so why not give Caira the same thing or proximity detonation? Make her more useful versus airborn enemies, but yes she’s a medic, but she also can attack so she should be to hit the kraken when he’s zooming around mid air


Not really. Her attack is supposed to be rarely used. It’s supposed to be an ignite, and swap back kind of deal. If you can’t hit the Kraken, keep healing.


I wasn’t of the opinion that her attacks weren’t spam-able, and that it only applied a dot that didn’t stack.


for what her nade does not even have impact dmg


I very rarely use Cairas attack, I’m always busy keeping the heals on like a medic should


You mean like a Caira should.


Last kind of person I want to play with is a Val/Laz only sniping the whole round.

Val should be heavy on the heal gun occasionally popping a new target point

Laz should be heal bursting if safe and reviving, ocassonally popping target points

Slim I don’t care for


I’m honestly surprised that Caira averages 900 damage. I could have a really good game and see that I did 0 damage because I had no time to deal damage haha.


Its because her fire grenades are complete trash in terms of damage.


The comment was more of a point of that Caira only really brings healing to the team so that’s the only thing she should be doing, where everyone else multitask, Laz to a lesser degree.



val should not be heavy on her healgun shes not a caira…


But people manage to AVERAGE 900 damage. That means there are people putting up high damage numbers (2000) as CAIRA. I’d hate to play with those people haha. Imagine how much time they spend shooting the monster whilst everyone’s low on health…


why don’t we give sunny proximity detonation? Would make kraken easier.


Caira doesnt need it. Her Flame nades are never used and her Healing grenades have such a fat radius that there is no justifiable reason to give the player using her any aim assistance at all.


I’ve done 2000 damage once, the Monster just sucked at hitting any abilities and didn’t do much damage. Alas, I wasn’t healing as much, because the Monster didn’t do much damage. (Trust me tho, I heal a lot more usually #EliteCairaFTW)


You do know that her damage is DoT, right? Damage over Time. You hit the monster, switch to heals, when the flames go out you hit him again, etc etc. That’s what makes her fun. The switching.


cmon It’s really easy to shoot the monster with caira… Just anticipate a little guys… It’s not that hard. And more over, you have not real occasions to shoot him. Just when he is stage one and bad.