Why not a option like : I want to be the trapper / assault / monster / medic / support


So, i have been trying to go with “Preferer Trapper” but it’s already my 4º time being a monster. In my opinion it would help alot of people who is trying to master their own role. My suggestion is to add another option, like “I want to be” which can take more time than prefer, but atleast you are going to enjoy your main role. (Srry for the english… ‘-’)


Disagree, would be more easy to just matchmake people by their prefer list (possible to be already happening), problem is lack of players for certain roles and would increase wait times.

So it should remain as it is.


“Would be more easy to just matchmake people by their prefer list” It’s going to be boring, to play with the same people all the time, and this option “prefer” just reckt me and my friend, we try to play together, but i take the monster role, we only want to play COOP, lol…


Once you make it to level 20 and can unlock Ranked, you will be able to pick if you want to queue as a Monster or a Hunter.


Thank You!


Yep, I know a lot of people that simply don’t like to play Monster or only want to play Monster. In Ranked, they are separate queues that find each other. So Monster will only be playing Monster.

The Hunter side though, you can still get stuck playing one of the other classes if you aren’t fast enough. Once you find other Hunters, it will find you a Monster, and once that has happened a screen will pop up with an option to pick your role.

I find sometimes just asking to play a role beforehand can help your chances :slight_smile: