Why no vote to kick option?


Last night I played with some friends and some random joined our game and proceeded to kill himself repeatedly until the monster just beat us. At first I thought he was just some noob, then I thought he was trolling but it wasn’t until after the game I saw that he was level 26 and that he became the monster the next game after that, and there was quite a big difference in skill in terms of how he played as the hunter(from jumping into tyrants 200m away from us) and playing as the monster.

This has happened to me 2 more times and I think this game can do with a vote to kick option, because if the 3 other players vote to kick you out of the game then there is something clearly wrong.

The system worked fine in both left 4 dead games so I don’t see the problem with adding it into the game, especially since there is no way to stop somebody from griefing/trying to be the monster unless you quit and wait 60s to get back into another game, where you then join in session on a losing team with a role you don’t want to play.

Please make this an option to kick people as there is no way to stop people from griefing, and currently if you join session and want to play monster the fastest way is to ensure your team loses and then try to get monster, if not just leave and repeat.

Just to be clear this would only apply within the hunter team, so the hunters couldn’t kick the monster.

Being able to kick Hunters

While I’m all for a vote kick option, what happens if the Hunters just want to boot a good monster. Hunter teams can just boot kick everyone.


Sorry I should’ve made it clear that this option would only apply to the hunter team and not to the monster.


Hmmm. That might work. But the only way it would work is if 3 hunters want that person removed. So if people troll in pairs you’re still stuck with the same thing. If 3 people are trolling you won’t vote them and they’ll just vote you back. I wish games would go the karma route and people can flag accounts/users and if someone joins you can see their Karma. If you are below a certain threshold you only need 2 votes to kick the person from any side.


A group for 3 friends playing hunter…
Random gets trapper.
Game plays normally.
Trapper misses first dome.
3 friends kick him because of that.

Random gets medic.
Can’t tranq. or stay alive for his life.
Gets kicked for not being good.

I remember many times getting kicked as zombies and such (left4dead) simply because having 3 players instead of 4 would decrease the time which you would respawn after dying. A kicking system is pretty much always abused.

Not saying I’m not down for said system, as I do agree some players just love having fun trolling and ruining others experience. Luckily I have not encountered such players yet.


I think that would also be a good addition, however, it requires a way to kick people :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


True. Kick + Karma need only 2 votes. I think it will work well. :slight_smile:


If it’s possible there could need to be a solid reason for the kick, but that wouldn’t be very easy to implement, and it could be tricked.


Even if they aren’t trolling, there needs to be a way to kick shitty players from your team. Especially that one weak link. In left4dead shitties would get kicked left and right and that was ok, because that game, much like this one, requires at least a BASELINE level of skill to contribute. I play with 3 friends, so we CONSTANTLY get that one random 4th who apparently is not only terrible at Evolve, but fails at video games in general. (you know the people I’m talking about, who can’t even navigate the map or fight/avoid wildlife, much less the monster and objective.)

It’s sort of outrageous there isn’t a vote to kick option.


But due to asymmetry how do you balance it so that you can’t vote kick monsters out? Or have the Monsters votekick a Hunter? If majority rules and you need 3 votes, the monster will keep the ass clown sometimes because its an easy win for them. I’m all for a votekick, but how do you balance it?


Make it so it only applies to hunters. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it would be better then NO system at all. The monster shouldn’t be part of it, since a monster player can play annoyingly, but it’s capacity to grief is really limited by the skill of the people it’s going up against. On the flipside if the monster is god-awful then the match will at least be over quickly.


And that is fine, but that means it will only apply when there are 3 Hunters in agreement. While I’m not saying it’s going to be abused, you can see how people will vote kick a decent player because a friend’s buddy just came on. The problem with vote kicks in a general state is that you generally do more harm than good as it’s easy to troll with.

This is why I think there should be a Karma system. 2 votes from anyone is enough to kick the person out if they are below a certain threshold. This way legitimate good players can’t be kicked and trolls/griefers can be easily kicked.


I can agree with that, but I go back to left4dead two as the example, sometimes what you say would happen, but most of the time the vote kick system has SAVED more games then I can count, as 3 randoms come together to notice the other random, isn’t doing his job. It’s exploitable, but the good it brings and the alternative of nothing far outpace that negative in my eyes.


True. It’s probably just my point of view because I generally roll with my brothers/wife when playing games so it’s usually not a full group of randoms. However, I play Expert Realism and sometimes people would try to vote kick because they walk into my line of fire when I’m on front point and then try to excuse their behavior for vote kicking.


I can see it being more difficult to exploit since there is no friendly fire in this game.


I wish leagues system works…but it doesnt.

some game came up with that karma system where you would play with other players with bad karma. there was one game that had you only queue up in a certain mode after being reported too much lol. thats where all the trolls go to play


It doesn’t have to be a kick option, just a way to keep trolls away from people that want to play.


As much as it sounds like a dick thing to say, I don’t see this as being a problem. If you’re a medic who can’t medicate, what good are you? Yeah, everyone needs a chance to learn and that’s what solo mode is for. You can practice dropping arenas all day and then when you play with people, ya won’t get booted.


when they make ranked mode im sure there will be a boot system or something in place. right now this is all casuals so you cant really do that. leaderboards dont mean crap to most ppl


Instead of kick system there could be a report system, you could flag and report people who keep trolling and they would get increasingly high wait time for matchmaking and possilbe other punishes. Measures should be taken to avoid people flaggin others just because they took the class they wanted and were not up for trading.

Kick system would be abused to hell specialy by premades.
People are douches on the interwebs and you cant fix that.