Why no love for the T4 hunters? skins?


Bought the Maneater skin pack the other day, I knew before hand that Crow would not be receiving a skin from it, and It’s been the same with every new skin pack released. I’m just curious as to why our 4th Tier hunters don’t get skins with the new skin packs.


because teir 4 hunters are op



Everything is op! Nerf my preorder!


Buff things too! Everything is op! Illuminati cancelled!


Because a purple Gobi would see more than all.


Even special time? :S


Agreed. Release some T4 packs or at least some individual skins.


Pink gobi ftw


Pink Gobi would be cute, wouldn’t you agree @Quirkly?


Hell yeah, he’d look fab in pink, although purple would look good on him as well


They clearly just want us to keep our wallets in our pockets.


Because there are people who don’t owe the dlc, this way anyone can buy the skins. Reason = $$$$