Why no limit skill in any ability via stage level


It’s just a thought.

Why is a Goliath stage 1 allowed to have 3 points in Rock Throw.
Why is a Kraken stage 1 allowed to have 3 points in Vortex.

They are not yet at the pinnacle of their evolution, why do their have access to their more damaging versions of their abilities ?

Why not simply : Maximum ability level = Stage Level

Stage 1, 3 abilities at 1.
Stage 2, 3 abilities at 2 or 4 abilities at 2, 2, 1 and 1.
Stage 3, 3 abilities at 3 or 4 abilities at 3, 3, 2, 1 or 4 abilities at 3, 2, 2, 2

@MacMan Did you guys consider this ? Or did it simply never occur to you ? It would have been maybe a simpler fix to the crushing stage 1 monsters putting all point in a multi-purpose ability (in this case, you couldn’t put all 3, only 1 or 2).

It would also calm down Stage 2 monsters going 3 and 3 (I’m looking at you Kraken 3 Vortex 3 LS).

It shouldn’t break the game and should actually ‘smooth’ it. No more huge spikes of power, and there’s actually a reason why monsters should go stage 3 now, to unlock their higher form of power.

Thoughts ?


Because that takes away the choice for monsters to use whatever abilities they want, how they want. I see what you’re saying though.


I believe the higher the stage, the higher the damage scales up.

Sure, a Stage 1 3-Point Rock Throw hurts, but a Stage 3 3-Point Rock Throw is even worse.


It allows for gameplay variety.


True, and I think that does come into play a bit, at least as the monsters melee damage. Never tested the ability damage though.


I don’t know either, you’d have to ask a Dev. They have all that data. @MacMan, if you could?


It screws with gameplay variety and choice, and it’s a clear nerf to Monsters. Stage Two is when I look to engage. If I’m fighting your ridiculous Hank/Caira combo, I need three in Rock.


Because options are good.

If you can’t handle a monster that only has one ability, you’re going to have a bad time regardless.


Agreed. Plus Monster’s run the risk of not being able to use an ability at a crucial moment.


I die a little on the inside a Hank eats a rock throw when he has full jetpack.


Only a little? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it isn’t there fault, and only lack of practice. Luckily :abe_cute: can solo any monster.


It would take away player choice and preference. Sure a S1 can put all 3 in a good ability. But then they only have that one ability, making them highly situational and easy to predict. also note almost no one fights at S1, so what people take barely matters.


From an evolution standpoint, I see a monster with 3 points in a single skill at stage 1 as something that has adapted to using a single trick and does well with it, but to truly reach their pinnacle they need other abilities too. So, the next time they evolve instead of getting better at what they know they adapt a new technique.


This is incorrect. The only things that change when you evolve is your new Max HP pool and your Melee (Or Kraken’s Melee + Air Attack) Damage. Skill damage does not change.

For those that don’t like the 3 point skills with monsters at stage 1, it balances itself out fairly good. The monster uses 1 skill and 1 skill only. That means there is a LOT of skill downtime when you can punish the monster. Wait for the monster to use their 1 attack, focus on dodging it when it is up, and then wail on him/her.


I believe that’s the crux of the problem. You all think “It balances itself out at stage 1, only 1 ability”.

It doesn’t when it’s a lever principle. Monsters have to apply enough force to crumble the Hunters (incap one, and half the job is done). You just have to aim for that incap. Betting everything on less abilities with more power makes all the difference for this type of thing.

Yes, it would screw with gameplay choice at lower level. Not at higher.

Would it be better in the long run ? Yes, absolutely. No more insane damage spikes, no more trying to balance weird combo monster stage 1 / rank 3 ability, games more smooth, less huge damage spikes. More dependant on a consistent level of play than a lucky shot.


Oh… Okay. :cry:


It’s ok. It would be interesting if things did change, but then it becomes more complicated :stuck_out_tongue:


I would hate to play monster if I could only have 1 point in a skill at level 1. When you have 3 weak skills, and you get domed at stage 1, you cannot out damage Caira’s healing. This means that the monster most likely would not get a strike on any hunters.

To me, this leads to monsters running around more to avoid damage and things like that. Maybe, this could work if you allow at stage 1, no more than 2 points in a skill, and then stage 2 has no restrictions. But not having at least 2 points into a skill at stage 1 is tough to get any strikes in the stage 1 dome. I may say impossible with a Caira/Hank(or sunny) combo to get a stage 1 dome strike on a hunter with only 3 lvl 1 skills(assuming the medic and support are decent)


You are not supposed to win at stage 1. If you do I would think it’s because the hunters made a mistake. Not because you were god like with that rock throw level 3.

At stage 2 you would/could engage, you wouldn’t be simply able to “PRESS BUTTON TO WIN”, you would have to maintain the pressure (you WOULD have more tools than before). Just, instead of everything edging on the side of a single rock throw. It would be two #insertAbilityName, or a well placed combo. More streamlined. Less edged. As always.