Why no legs?


I have a shadow but I don’t have any legs ):


You also respawn from death in a dropship. It’s the future! That being said, does anyone know why Cabot has some sort of servo legs? Did he injure his legs. His backstory doesn’t mention it and I assume it has to do with how is wife and family were killed. But no dialogue so far about it.


See, this is why we need to see our legs. Our legs are important!


Both him and Hank have that Exo on. Just like everyone else does, presumably. At least I wasn’t able to spot Caira’s, while Matthew stated that she indeed does have it on.

Just a design choice this time around, I suppose.


The Art of Evolve says Hank has one because of the battery pack for his laser cutter and general heaviness of his equipment. From what I’ve read about Rail Guns they also require a lot of power and aren’t exactly the lightest things in the world not to mention the kickback

Where was this stated. I’m pretty sure only support has exos whilst Assault has power armour or are just that strong


How else do these people survive giant rocks to the face?
Them exos man!
Call of Duty ripped off Evolve!
CoD AW came out first, but they went forward in time just to copy Evolve!


I expect everyone has a very weak personal shield on them during battle. I think you can see it flickering when you get pounced but that may have been a cgi sequence rather than gameplay


I am pretty sure the idea of exoskeleton is lot older than CoD :smiley:


But they somehow stole it from Evolve!
I never trusted those CoD fanboys.


I am pretty sure of that :wink:


Anytime I hear Exoskeleton, I always think back to my childhood, watching Reboot… those big yellow things sure are strong.