Why no epic Ingame music like this promo trailer?


Skip to minute 4:07 and u hear the epic battelsoundtrack. It would be really nice when we can hear such music like this while we battle against the goliath!


Probably because you really need to listen to sound cues to find the monster.


no no the music starts when the mobile arena is up and fighting an epic battle against goliath!



Also, you can play a soundtrack by pressing one button when you have Steam radio on (On PC). I found it very convinient, for my performance in CS:GO goes up 200% when I have some backround music going on.


Yeah even if they worked on some supreme battle music (or any prominent music) when you start fighting, or looking for the monster, I would end up (a lot of other people too I’m sure) muting music. Too important to listen for sounds from wildlife, trees falling, footsteps etc.

Even if the music only happened when a forced fight (mobile arena or relay) was happening, need to be able to clearly communicate with your team. music would make it harder than needed.


no worries once Spotify finally shows up on PS4 we can create our own epic soundtracks. Since, from what I remember, Xbox One and PC both already have the ability to play their own music during games.


This soundtrack is not bad either. i want more of this for hunting. it feels much better in my opinion. In gerneral music is very important and makes a big different. we need music like “hurry up, bring your ass over here” etc.