Why no albino dune beetle?


Why? i belive it is the only creature with out a albino form besides those phantoms for winning on aviary as monster.
and if there was a albino beetle what does everybody think its perk should be.


Every Dune Beetle is an albino. The perk your team receives for killing a dune beetle is the absence of a maniacal death bug hell-bent on chasing your ass down through an entire map.

Unless you jump up onto a cliff.


Best perk in the game if you ask me.


What Matadurr said, its always either you or them. Last night one followed about 300m until i finally killed it. It followed me around cliffs and everything!!!


Leave the Medic behind as a sacrifice.

It is the only way to appease the beetle god.


Thats what my team did…but im a survivor


I think it should give a 25% damage reflection i mean there pretty pointy.Or maybe a tenacity buff wich lets you select one target and you can charge towards that target ignoring all terrain and kill it not even death stops this buff. To op?


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Watch out they have Evolved to use stairs so beware.


They can climb. Just thought I should throw that out there.


That reminds me, I present the tower of power. The likelihood of two dune beetles spawning on top of a small plateau. Impossible? Nope. Take a look:



The Elite Dune beetle can make the hunters counter Pounce attack from the Monster, making the Hunters able to free themself from the Pounce :stuck_out_tongue:


They took the high ground, clever girl.


I’ve actually been thinking some sort of anti-pounce perk would be great for all the pounce spammers out there. Would make them think twice before doing that inside an arena.


Make Dune beetle have a random perk. different every game.


Please, tell MacMan we do not want it. Dune Beetles do not deserve the honor of being elite.

And I don’t want to give my team an excuse to fight them. Hard enough to keep the idiots alive as is. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are my second least favorite wildlife. 1st is obviously the Mammoth Bird.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NO ELITE DUNE BEETLE PLSPLSPLS!! I’ll give you anything - my money, my medic - take them all but no elite dune beetle pls!!


They move 20% faster, deal 30% more damage, have 200% more health, and can climb cliffs (up/down).

That actually sounds fun… Plus increase the number of dune beetles by 30 on each map…

Can we get this game mode please?

This would be annoying for monster, and hunter alike. I like this idea. ^.^


Hey, what’s with sacrificing Medics to Dune Beetles? We have feelings too, you know. ~sniffles~