Why must everyone leave me :(


All day today I was rocking goliath, winning 9 out of every 10 games easy. After every day of evac and every game of skirmish I played all but one person left me. Every time I had to face a new team except for one lone hunter from the last group. Why cant people just stick it out. I am not even that good of a monster (I think anyway). I just don’t understand that mentality. You have to wait so long to get into a new game why leave when you have one right there for you?


they hate us cuz they aint us. :wink:


If you’re too far ahead of their skill level, they don’t find it enjoyable to play against you; so they often leave.


They Mad cuz cant even win. Then leave.


“Hey guys, let’s get our asses kicked” said no one ever.


I won’t leave you.

Come on. Bring it in.

offers hug.


Unless it was a close match, no sane person will want to get their ass kicked again.


There there everythings gonna be okay.
Now whoses a awesome Goliath, your awesome Goliath.
theres more fish in the sea.
If at first you dont succeed, try try again…or just keep killing.
Turn the other cheek.
…I ran out of things.

But really if this was the same group and you beat them 9 times, you can see why they would leave.


I understand that nobody likes getting their asses kicked repeatedly but I never just abandon a game unless someone is being a douche about things. I love it when I find someone who is such a great challenge. I get to see what they do and make it a learning experience. A lot of the games were pretty close (though there was one group that could count as four games of public humiliation.

I really don’t think that I am that great of a player. I have worked really hard to get where I am in the game. I went from having a .01 WLR and 60 some odd deaths as goliath to now a .63 and as of typing 142 deaths in the last couple weeks by sticking those rough games out and learning from them.

I blame societies want of instant gratification.


Dude need help on xbone


I guess your to good man.


I am not the one to be giving help. Trust me.



maybe they were tired of goliath, try switching it up with different monsters


Yeah Evac is kinda broken since no one wants to stick it out… Challenges are fun… Awaiting ranked mode =D


When I’m in a hunter group and we run into a monster that beats us and never switches monster I’ll usually ask the party leader to back out, we find a different monster player and surprise! The game is fun again. Not right away or anything but after 5-6 losses in a row, yeh it’s time to switch it up


Because their teammates were terrible an it isn’t fun to play with those players?


Start singing down the mic:


I tried to intersperse it with Behemoth but I just hate Kraken and Wraith.