Why monsters look the way they do


I’ve seen the facts that the monsters are from or cause our nightmares and that they made artificial bodies to perform their mission. So I was thinking that they designed their bodies out of human fears (like spiders, fire, lighting, etc) to scare off the colonists and prevent them from being involved. Of course this doesn’t completely work. But I know it may seem obvious but I thought I might share it.


Behemoth is the fear of becoming Indiana Jones.


##I think it’s just the fear of being Harrison Ford.


I’m not sure I understand what’s going on here


It’s a Lego Millenium Falcon that was made six years ago and 60 hours to build; when asked to sign it build the moment it was handed to Harrison Ford he threw it over his head and destroyed it, he proceeded to sign a dismantled piece of it, throw it on the ground, then throw the pen at the man who built it and just watched him destroy it.

As much as I love him as an actor, I do not want to meet Harrison Ford.


Wasn’t that just an act


I have no idea, I hope it was.


It’s on Conan so it’s very likely. This reminds me of when Steve Carrell broke a mug of Conan’s.


That looked super scripted…


Not likely he hates the starwars franchise and hates being asked about it and as evidenced in this video and in other interviews has no problem being a prick about it. I find it very plausible and very likely this waa genuine douchery


I know but its Conan and most things on his show are scripted especially when jordan schlansky is involved


Wow this for off topic… Never seen any Star Wars so no idea what y’all are saying.

Wraith probably caused the fear of the dark and ghosts, or mimicked it.


I wonder if they actually have some sort of fear effect. Like pheromones or a low level electrical field to trigger the fear centers of the brain.


From a development standpoint, they are made to look the way they do so monster players can connect with the monster (why Golaith has lips).

From a Lore standpoint, I’d say it’s to fit their abilities. Golaith is hunky, allowing him to throw rocks, leap, charge, and breath fire. Kraken is lightning based, so he has an electric feel, thus the tentacles, etc. Wraith is assassin based, so she it petite. Behemoth is large and flat, allowing him to roll around. Gorgon is a spider who clings to walls and lays traps (possibly her babies). She also seems like she’s been exposed to radiation.

It is also said that Kraken came after Markov, so it is implied that the monsters adapt physically to humans/colonists/hunters.