Why make the maps smaller?


i just watched some of the Evolvems videos from chrises channel and the older maps seems alot more open so i was wondering why you changed it to what it was? i mean its not like you cant do ambush on those maps as seen by the sudden giant green gas cloud thing from the latest one


Variety is just variety. Some maps will be larger, some will be smaller. Perhaps they feel that smaller, denser maps, are better suited with the flow of the game.


The only map I have a problem with is broken hill foundry. It has very little wildlife or cover for the monster. It has has very predictable paths for the monster to take which makes cutting them off super easy. Hell almost 1/3 of the entire map on one side is completely wide open with no cover at all and no wildlife. It is by far the hardest map for the monster.


Thats where the beetles come into handy ^.^
5 minutes of ignorant birds? Lol free stage 3, here i come ^.-