Why MaddCow why


Why did you have to pick Wraith


Haven’t you heard Wraith is OP :wink:


If you wanna call out to the mad cow you go like this… @MaddCow…ooooh MADCOW! MOOOOO! Why did YOOOOU have toooo pick Wrrraaaith? :smile:


Just played two games against two wraiths who went stage 3.

Won both games. Once as Cabot (damage beam + Hyde’s flamethrower just melted her) and then as Caira. Lots of Wraiths rely on supernova, simply move out of the cloud.


Its so simple you’d think more people would do it.


It’s just not that simple, okay?! Sobs (Kidding, kidding!)

It seems at times I go down almost instantly (Even got some vid of it. From full HP to Down in less than 2 seconds and that’s with a Healing Burst, too!) but otherwise I can ALMOST make it out before that last hit lands. I don’t recall ever making it out via dodge boost (I have footage to review though, so that may not be true)

However, I have figured out that boosting straight up two or three times seems to do wonders.
Works every time so far. Just zoom my way straight up and hover for a bit and Wraith usually moves onto someone else. If she doesn’t, well at least Supernova should be about gone by the time I land, and bonus if she spends warps trying to chase me (It doesn’t seem to work well from what I’ve seen).
Also great vantage point for landing more Healsposions, so win/win.

Granted it hasn’t helped my Win/Loss vs Wraith much, BUT I self-preserved that much better! Progress!


To be fair, I’ve played Wraith only 3 times this beta so far. We were 5 man playing and he chose Wraith after we said no Wraith. So I Wraithed him back :smiley:


you were not supposed to tell them that


I heard you lost cow :wink:


he didn’t in fact he destroyed us


Then the people on TRS stream are wrong.


I haven’t lost as wraith, but I’ve only played 3 games :smile: I only did it for funzy though @John_Fergione <3 the games last night :slight_smile: