Why Lennox is a bad Assault


So, Lennox the fat tin can of the assaults… Lennox is I’m sure a good assault if you know how to use her, but to me Lennox is just not a good assault.Yes her plasma Lance does some nice damage but if you actually do get the damage multiplier up the monster will just turn around and smack you away resetting the multiplier.

With that said Lennox can’t deal much damage. How can you hit a flying Kraken with the Lance? Ok you got your secondary but will that really do the job the whole game? No. And you can’t jump on him cause he’s in the air. And even if you do get that plasma lance hit, oh look back in the air he goes now back to the boring machine gun.

Wraith? Yea you can’t hit her with the Lance. She’s constantly warping and abducting and decoying her way out of the Lance’s reach. Ok yea with enough skill you can do it but I don’t have time for that. The only monsters that you can actually deal some nice damage too are the Goliath, Behemoth and the Gorgon. (And of course Meteor Goliath.) Ok yea that’s 4 monsters but to me Lennox is a waste of time. I like her but when it comes to competitive play, I really can’t stand her. The lance is easily countered by just using a evasive move. Or of course just hit Lennox in the face. What do you guys think of Lennox?


I think she’s the most skill based Hunter in the entire game. You need to know every aspect of her to make her effective. She’s difficult to play and master, but once you get her down, she’s really good.


Lennox does reliable damage. She is good against Goliath - wraith : Behemoth - Gorgon .

She can be countered pretty easily though by wasting her jet

If you make more headshots on her secondary weapon ,you can do a reliable damage against kraken . Otherwise Lennox is really a bad choice against kraken

IMO Lennox against decent monster require more skill than (Blitz-Markov - Hyde) . She has small nich

Personal preference Lennox is my least favorite assault


To be honest, Lennox is simply one of many characters in the game that feel like they were designed with only 1 Monster in mind.

That’s not to say Lennox is trash against all but 1 Monster, but she is definitely flat out worse than other Assaults against Kraken and Wraith in particular.

No experience or team composition can make up for just how easily countered Lennox can be by anything that isn’t Goliath.


There’s just one problem with Lennox: Kraken.

She can work just fine against all other monsters. It’s just more difficult with Lennox than with other assaults. You really have to time your hits perfectly, know exactly how far the lance reaches and be on point with jetpack management and positioning.
Your team also has to help you by dodging around/near you, not away from you from one side of the dome to the other, then back again ^^

Lennox is difficult to play on a high level, but she can still do a lot of damage. Against Kraken? Yea, you better pick a different assault, but apart from that she’s not a bad assault per se.


Like you said “if you know how to use her”

I’m a horrible assault player but when I play Assault I play Lennox because for me she is reliable

You forgot a Monster…Elder Kraken :stuck_out_tongue:

Also please note that I am not at all trying to be a complete and utter asshole

But maybe your not good at Lennox?


You are right I’m a bad Lennox :joy::joy: And I didn’t include Elder Kraken because technically he’s not a actual monster just yet. I mean yea he is kidna in it cause he’s on the leader boards and he can be a enemy A.I but you can’t play as him without the rare chance of joining a game when elder Kraken is the A.I


True :stuck_out_tongue:

But I was thinking more that he is a Brawler now just like Goli and Bob so I was thinking like “Hey, EK is a brawler type to! He’ll be easy to kill with Lennox”

But I see what your saying


She isn’t bad assault its just she’s more of a high risk high reward character. Not so much reward since the damage nerf…but anyway, she’s good, one has to be close with the monster to see her really shine!


Thing is, Lennox is the most mobile Assault there is (funnily enough) and she is the most damaging when ignored (besides Torvald). She also, unlike every other Assault serves a vastly different role than any of the other Assaults.

Lennox isn’t meant to be dealing consistent 4x damage, that would be insane and would quickly melt any Monster to ashes. Lennox’s goal isn’t only to constantly keep the 4x (as obvious as that would be) but to force the Monster to target her. If a Monster stops to target the Assault to get them to back off on the damage then they are giving their primary target (the Medic/Support/Trapper) time to escape and heal up. If a Monster doesn’t focus Lennox even once then the Monster is being ripped apart for the simple greed of a down.

You state that Kraken and Wraith are hard to hit but here’s a few tips, Lennox is the only true Assault with a very reliable secondary gun so she can punish Kraken and any time he drops in with an Aftershock divebomb then she will get a few good shots in with the lance. A Wraith needs to setup combos, (such as but not limited to) Warp Blast + Abduction, Supernova + Abduction, Abduction + Heavy + Warp Blast, etcetera. During these combos she’s fairly stationary making her an easy target and any Wraith that spams or even uses Decoy is one letting you get the 4x multiplier off the fake Wraith so when she pops in to fight you already have 4x.

Lennox is a fairly solid pick, she does a good job against 5/7 Monsters, and an alright job against 2/7.


3.6x damage :confused:


It’s still 4x damage.


It shows up as 4x damage for you? Thats odd.


It shows up as 3.6x whenever you play Lennox, it is still a 4x multiplier.


So its a bug?


In reality yes, so I should actually make a report on it now that I’m thinking about it:

###90 x 4 = 360


Note a monster with damage reduction shows a lower multiplier because of the perk


I really don’t find lennox that bad. Id put her at a notch below hyde in all honesty.

Yes her melee stacks can “easily” be countered by monsters- But that’s not a BAD thing- Assuming lennoxi s forcing the monster to do it with melees (Staying behind), and not abilities (being in front). Every time the monster does this, they have to break focus on whoever theyre after. It doesn’t sound like much, but breaking focus is a huge utility in this game. You basically force the monster to either a) CONSTANTLY break focus, or b) take a lot of damage.

Yes her melee is mierda against kraken- But the AA gun, fired accurately (Ive noticed a LOT of players don’t make use of the ADS feature of hunters, this is huge on hunters like lennox), does a LOT of damage. Its got one of the highest sustained DPS values in the game- Doing well over 200 dps while on the trigger. Hydes flame thrower for comparison does about 160 dps (with burn). Of course its subject to limb shots, but it gets headshots too- So your mileage may vary.

My only real BIG complaint about lennox, is the weapon swap annoyance. If youre on the AA gun, and have fired a few shots, then use the thunder strike to either a) get in close, or b) get in close and do some damage- Since you technically “Swapped” weapons as far as the games concerned- it starts to reload the AA gun you just had out. It doesn’t sound like much, but with the reload time that can be half a bar of life of damage you miss out on. That’s huge.

Other than that, I think she could maybe, MAYBE use a melee range buff- but only small.


Lennox is the David to Goliath’s…well Goliath, when played correctly.


I’ve never really been a fan of Lennox myself,find her abilities very bad in most situations like you say kraken she’s almost AFK in that matchup