Why keep elite wildlife in hunt and make the game unbalanced?


I am so sorry but I’m starting to get really tired of hunters/monsters winning because of buffs. It’s SO boring and SO annoying.

I used to be a monster player who went for the damage buff directly at the start and then attack the hunters, easy win for me. But now I’ve stopped picking them up because I refuse to win because of such a stupid and cheesy thing, I wanna win the fair way.
And I try to message every hunter team I go against and ask: ‘‘Please no buffs? :slight_smile:’’ and they are like OK sure. Then I still see that the assault grabbed damage perk or that the whole team has poison or whatever, like really? Are you serious…?
And sometimes the hunters doesn’t even answer so I get confused, but I still trust them so all I do is kill the elite buffs and leave them so the hunters can see it and be like: ‘‘Oh she didn’t eat it, don’t pick it up’’ but I can still see someone grabbing it, like what respect is that? Fck those people, I really hate you so much, you are ruining the whole game for me and wasting my fcking time because I have to wait 5 minutes for your stupid buff to disappear, oh shit almost forgot you will get a new one right before the other one is gone ‘’:)’’

I don’t see the elite wildlife as something fun at all

it’s one of the reasons I think it’s frustrating to play hunt against teams you don’t trust.

The perk you pick in the beginning should be enough, period.


And I know that it might be a hundreds of topics like this one, but please TRS, understand that people just want to have fun and play without this stupidity.


I respect how you don’t want easy wins, but I am on the same boat. This problem I’ve seen get real bad this past month. Too many level 20s in quick play and all the monsters do is pub stomp. It’s fleetill3 and a buff and we always lose. The monsters always go for the buffs too if it comes down to a relay fight.

Plz remove.


Get rid of all the pillars, trees and rocks then if you’re removing buffs.


That’s a completely different thing that can help the hunters and monsters in a fair way. Bonus buffs is just unbalanced.


and while were at it get rid of all the hunters and monsters have the game about watching the grass grow!



They’re changing elite wildlife in the Title Update IIRC


Oh they are? Any info on what they will be changing? I believe perhaps nerfing the bonuses a bit, so instead of a 30% cooldown reduction -> 15%?


This is kind of all we’ve heard atm


Personally I’m ok with buffs in theory but agree in practice they kinda stink tight now. I hope they make them so they will pop up in a match and force the side to interact over them. Like if the Damage Buff pops up they fight over it and the side that gets chased off loses and the winning side gets a buff.

Or the Monster can use it as a chance to put distance between them and the Hunters can either chase the Monster or risk a higher level engagement but with a buff on their side.


Here’s the thing with buffs:

For a monster to have one from the start of a match is a complete game changer depending on their build and perk they chose. When hunters get them it makes it a lot more stressful for the monster because it’s multiple buffs coming at you at once (slow target, with a damage bonus, reload speed, capacity) would not be a fun mix.

Buffs are fine in quickplay because that is where you have your casual fun and don’t have to worry about much besides if your lobby is going to be high or low levels. But, in ranked 2.0…they need to be eliminated. It doesn’t take skill to rush a buff because it’s known that increases things in the favor of the ones who have them.

On the PS4 side of things though…at least on the higher level of play, there’s agreements already set that if you see a buff–either kill it and let it decay or just leave it alone. Gentlemens agreement, but the annoying thing is when that agreement is broken during a match because the enemy feels like they can get away with it or they just can’t take it without the buff.

All in all its really annoying with the buffs though–since they’re reworking them hopefully the mechanics of buffs change…like maybe they add a different dynamic to game? Instead of doing something with numbers? I don’t know. Buffs, with be buffs.


Yes. Seeing too many people winning because of buffs and it’s so annoying.

And that slowdown target buff is just a joke, like why even add that in?! Shoot the monster once in the back with ONE bullet and he/she is slowed.

Melee spam a hunter to death who can’t do nothing because the monster has the slowdown.

Like really…?


Like that match I had… :rage::unamused:


Do we really need another “plz remove elite wildlife buffs” thread? :laughing:

Since TRS has said that they’re getting reworked along with everything else.


You don’t have to be here if you’re not interested.


Almost like you would always have a “Miley” or “twerking” thread–haha, if she wants to speak what’s on her mind let her. If the mods or leaders feel like this thread needs to be merged or locked, they’ll do that but having this up is fine and has brought discussion to the table. Even if they are being reworked, we don’t know when that patch is coming or when things are changing so we are stuck with what we currently have in game so it’s only fair to talk about it.


You’re right I don’t have to, but I like to pretend I’m important. But Yeah, I don’t think the swings that happens with buffs are to significant that they are warranted to be removed from the game all together.

As we know perks that we select are going to be a combination of existing and new buffs that are nerfed down and combined into one perk pack.
So in the event that normal wildlife elites stick around it wouldn’t get too crazy.


I think the buffs are fun and add extra depth to strategy. So just pointing out, your idea of fun and competitive is not the same as everyone else’s.


My only problem is that damn reload speed perk
When a monster gets a hold of that all hell breaks loose.


Although I like the way that buffs add an extra element to the game, buffs currently have the potential to change the outcome of a match. The slow target buff, for example, can give the monster a free win at stage two. Monsters may also avoid fighting if the hunters have buffs.

Everybody I play Evolve with does not want buffs in the game. But I’m looking forward to see how buffs are going to be reworked.