Why isn't my third character set or the wraith instantly unlocked for me?


I spent hard earned $80 to get the deluxe edition, yet I don’t get my third characters or my monster? I’d really like my money’s worth


It is unlockable.


Where are you playing from?Xbox/PS4/PC?


Mine weren’t insta unlocked


Xb1. Same with me too


I’m on Xbox one, but I’ve looked everywhere for it and can’t find it


90%s sure it’s a known bug and there’s already topics.


I’m playing on Xbox one


Look at the post above you


Yeap probably a bug.Will be fixed i’m sure.But unlocking them doesn’t take that much.You can even go to solo and play with bots(with the settings favoring you) and just keep spamming Kraken abillities to wildlife+ hunters and unlock Wraith within 10 minutes.

Just saying this in case you wanna play them as soon as possible.The fix might come today or in a week.


I did that, and now I’ve got to do this for hunters


Yeah i don’t see it taking more than 10-15 minutes for each one you want to unlock.


You sir just saved me probably 2 hours looking for a solution


I’m in the same boat. I’ve seen two plausible theories so far.

  1. In some of the online resources I’ve read, it seems to indicate that the pre-order needed to be ordered before or during the beta.
  2. @AggroDragon in another thread (here) stated that it’s an issue with keeping the beta on the XBO when you got the pre-load/final version. He has this issue as well, and both of us had kept the beta info on the XBO, whereas his friend has the Tier3 unlocked, but he didn’t keep the beta. Can other’s reading this with the issue chime in if they had kept the beta or not, just for validation?


I still had the beta installed and once the actual game installed it just disappeared


Yeah i don’t like this existing because people won’t practice with each hunter/monster but i did it aswell.For some reason i can’t play Kraken (while in alpha and beta i was dominating with it).And i wanted to play Wraith so i went to bot match.Balance towards monster for more damage.Hunters dying hard so i could spam my abilities on them.Each time i was killing 3 hunters i would just let 1 of them alive so the game wouldn’t end and go back to killing wildlife.Keep an eye on the bottom left corner which will let you know when a skill reach 100%.
Also don’t evolve to stage 3 because then you will have time to kill relay or loose.

PS.Abilities damage is counted in killing wildlife aswell.So spam your abilities to wildlife aswell for even faster progression


Thanks mate


I had beta, didn’t pre purchase, didn’t have tier 3. Had to unlock Abe myself. Still did it though. The game is fun so I didn’t mind doing it.


@WiBaKi has helped me a few times, good guy, that guy


Which game mode do you have to play custom, evacuation, or quick play?