Why is Xbox1 being overlooked?


I had gotten my season pass like 3 weeks ago and Now I am being told that I have to buy another season pass in order to play the characters I just had the season pass for? What is going on with Xbox 1? Why are people on PC and PS4 able to play their content but not us? I am not ‘qqing’ I am just curious of why no one has had a clear cut answer for the Xbox 1 community.


I’m also on Xbox One. Pre-ordered and don’t have access to the new monster or characters:/


This is driving me crazy.


Think its a bug


This hasn’t been mentioned in the known bugs topic either. Seems to be the case for every xbox player


Same here and 2k hasn’t helped in support


It’s not even fuckin supposed to be out yet people… Chill the fuck out lmao. The release date was always tonight at 12 and you people are already putting in support tickets lmao.


Its been addressed, we should be able to use them by 5PM PDT


Chill? First off, why make a huge announcement of the DLC being released early for those who PAID early. I am chill bruh. My question is why hasn’t it been addressed. And Jess just said she didn’t even know about it. So…pls.


I’m having the same issue, pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition and now it seems like I ordered the standard. In the Xbox store it’s showing digital deluxe and season pass available to purchase. I have the magma skins which you can only get from season pass but no season pass.


They are currently looking into it. It kinda got over their heads haha. Give it some time. I think the early release was spur of the moment. :wink:


This can be closed please. Ty.


It actually is supposed to be out. They intended to release it early, and there is now a problem with the Xbox One release, so it needs to be addressed.


No, the quote which mentions 5pm PDT also says they are currently playable in custom Evacuation modes, which they are not. This makes me skeptical that any of it is accurate.