Why is Wraith the only monster that is allowed to use traversals without giving themselves away?


Goliath-Leaves footprints
Kraken-Leaves giant blue dots
Behemoth-Lava Trail
Wraith-Some Glitter that disappears extremely quickly.

Shouldn’t the Wraith at least leave some type of ‘permanent trail’ as she gets vertical mobility similar to Kraken?


Wraith leaves footprints when she dashes. The Goliath, however, soars through the air with nothing. If anything, Wraith’s dash should be quieter and sneakier.


If Wraith was a stealth monster I would agree with you, but currently she is a high burst carry. She is similar to Cabot in that she forces a fast game. I think that her traversal in her current gameplay form should leave a greater degree of trackability.


The wraith leaves footprints when it traversals, making it the easiest traversal to follow, given its short range.


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The issue is that currently she can 3 traversal (sometimes 4) + Warp blast to get 120+ m of non footprint level ground. She does leave footprints, but she leaves very few. Goliath is forced to leave a footprint every time he uses a traversal.


She leaves the same amount of footprints as if she were walking.


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No… Her dust trail is fine… She’s fine… She’s already been slowed down a bunch! She has low health and shield, she needs to be able to get away! Maybe all these ppl calling for wraith nerfs still, should ask TurtleRock to make the next monster a giant punching bag, that cant run or attack so they have something “easier” to fight against


Why is Wraith allowed to move? She should stand still wearing a big clown costume with a target painted on her, decoy should turn back on her and attack her, warp blast should drain all her armor and supernova should just make her explode. Also, her traversals should make her hop in place.

Gid it done TRS!


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I’d rather Wraith be what TRS wanted her to be, an assassin, but currently Warp Blast makes her a burst carry. I feel that a monster of this caliber shouldn’t also have the best stealth mobility in the game.


She’s a stealth Assassin archetype… And you don’t think she should have the best stealth mobility?! Her health is low, and her armor is a sliver of any other monster… It’s all about hit and run… She’s suppose to hit hard and fast, which she does… When I play as hunter, it’s the easiest monster to take down… Perhaps because I main this character as monster, and know how to fight against it… The warp blast is easy to dodge, when you see it coming (it’s really slow now)… and the traversal warp doesn’t go as far or as fast as any other monsters traversals… I’m pretty sure she’s what TRS wants her to be… Shes been nerfed in almost every patch that’s been released!


She is incredibly easy to fight, and I don’t have difficulty tracking her. This isn’t me complaining because I can’t beat her, but because I just find it odd that she doesn’t follow the same rules as other monsters.


what are you talking about? what rules does she ignore?


I think a mod should close this thread as everyone here has answered your question but you choose to ignore the facts.


Goliath can also have up to 5 traversals (charge and leap smash)


As everyone else have said, you don’t have your facts straight. When using transversal, the wraith leaves the EXACT number of footprints as when she is running. The SAME applies when using warpblast. She also leaves a dust trail that dissipates in a second, that is useful for combat in order to easily follow her movements.

Goliath leaves 1 footprint when it jumps, 1 footprint when it lands. HIS transversal does NOT leave footprints.


Please no more Wraith nerfs. I’m trying to like the fat chubby thing but it’s so pathetic now…


uh wait what - when i use warpblast and traversal into air im gonna leave footprints? thats something completly new for me o.O…

i wonder why i warpblast out of spawn location and traversal in air and yet have never been found early… hmmmm

i think thats the kind of wraith hes talking about :> also you can hear a goliath stomping on the ground 150+ meters away, i havent heard a wraith yet using traversal or moving around on that distance and even warpblast doesnt leave that much noise over the map.