Why is there not replay system?


I practiced over and over and over in solo mode before jumping into multiplayer. I was picked to be the Monster first time and i had one of the most epic games. When the game ended i crossed my fingers in hopes of a replay system hidden some where in the options,extra, etc…But no replay system =( Most major pvp online games have replay systems, why doesnt this game have one??


Replay system? Would you mind clarifying?


Something like what StarCraft II or CS:GO has where your games are saved as a small file and you can view them in-game via replay function. You’d think games with a competitive side would include it as standard but apparently it’s not that common.


Hmm. That should be common, I agree. I think TRS said they were looking into it, but I imagine they’ll want to focus on more…pressing matters.


The mobile app saves your match replays for you if you link your 2k account to it if that is what you are asking.


It’s only a 2D birds eye view of the match isn’t it? Pretty this guy wants a full in-game match replay where you can see everything.


Ah, I do not believe there is anything like that but I could be wrong.


Yeah already was asking about this in another topic( Recording replays ).
So far doesn’t seem like much people are interested in this feature, to my great surprise and disappointment.
Maybe we need to draw attention of @MacMan or @SlabOMeat to this problem. I understand there must be a tons of other issues they’re working on right now, considering that the game just launched, but I do hope that they will at least confirm or deny that replay system is to be implemented in the future.


We might get one here (https://gamechanger.evolvegame.com) eventually, but I think they’re working on getting the leaderboard for it ready first


I would love this feature; I’m surprised it wasn’t included. Turtle Rock has been promoting this as an e-sport game after all. Halo has the best replay function of any game I’ve played because you can detach the camera and zoom around the environment.

Often I’ve wondered how a Monster has managed to evade our team, it would be great to replay the top leader board games.


would be great if it would be ingame but till then just use obs/shadowplay everytime u play


Obs/shadowplay is very limiting as I want to recompile the round data to view from other perspectives/angles and 3rd person, I’m not that concerned about my replays.

XboxOne game DVR or “Xbox record that” has me covered for the moments I want to review later on.


yeah thats true thought u only wanted to see it from ure perspectiv again


I would LOVE this feature. I can’t believe it wasn’t a feature at launch (or that we’re still waiting for it).


I would love a Halo style theater mode so you can fast forward and rewind the gameplay and detach the camera to get cool angles and screenshots. As “competitive” as this game tries to be I’m surprised that slipped their minds.


I didn’t dig up this thread, but since someone did, I vote the halo feature! Like holy crap would that be useful. It would help spot hackers and exploiters in some situations as well that do things when away from hunters :stuck_out_tongue: But over all, I’d be able to learn quite a bit of strategy as well :smile:

Although given the space of some of these files for some people if it saved at native resolution would probably be crazy even if it was just a player perspective playback video.

Something like halo would be nuts as well, but would rely on the game itself recreating the environment with bots that would reply the scenario. Since there wouldn’t be video playback, there are more chances for error on the bots’ recreation.

So even though the halo would be amazing, after typing this I’m realizing that its probably not possible v.v So I’ll settle for a low rez playback please :smiley:


Never played Halo, but Quake or Unreal Tournament replays was just a few megabytes in size and used game itself to playback those replays, so resolution was as high as you want it to be (it’d just use your current settings that you have set while watching replay). It didn’t use A.I. bots to recreate the game, rather it just recorded all events that had happened (at certain time stamp player with X model went from point A to point B, jumped, switched to weapon model 2 and shot at x,y,z coordinates) and then could play it back using game engine and all it’s models. I mean there was no decisions for A.I. to make, all events was already pre-determined and used “soulless” 3D models to play it back.These files was really small and very helpful to watch.



is there maybe something in the pipe?