Why is there no Casual Hunt?

Pretty much the title. Why do we ONLY have Ranked?

Now if I want to complete Jack’s masteries I have to grind them Solo or else face super tryhard monsters in Ranked mode while playing around with randoms.


Sure there is Arena but I want to hunt without waiting 5+ minutes to find someone in a stressed environment.

Seems kinda unfair.

Tryhard Hunt 2.0
Crummy Arena
and Low Population Evacuation.


Even if they hid the rankings… It would still be ranked.
Its the right decision. Play Have fun. :smile:


To be fair I don’t think its the best idea to have a casual hunt along side a ranked hunt, the player base for this game is not massive and you don’t want to split it up even more, otherwise you will be waiting a bit longer to find a match than you already are haha!


It’s not fun when I am used to not waiting any longer than 3 minutes tops to get into a match when now it’s 5+ minutes into a stressed environment because everyone one else is trying super hard to win and end up yelling over the mic because they got demoted.

In Gears 3 they had Ranked and “unranked” matches and I always took “unranked” because they loaded up faster and you could get into another match quickly with little to no wait time.

*I say “unranked” because the stats were still recorded.

because it doesnt matter if there is casual hunt it comes down to the same thing really…

Causal Hunt would allow new Hunters and Monsters play without getting pubstomped into the dirt by the other side who treats it like “OMG I MUST WIN AT ANY COST!!!”

Now Vets will be murdering noobs while the noobs get mad for whatever reason and then leave this game thus hurting the Player base anyway.

Well all I can say is have faith in the system, give it a day or two, hopefully players will be put in the correct ranks and play accordingly. End of the day, even before the “casual” hunt was ranked (even though it had leaderboards) people have always played to win, no matter what method they used.


No it doesn’t.

Casual is just that. Quick matchmaking and its consistently quick throughout and you get match after match.

Put Ranked in front of Hunt and suddenly it takes ages to find a game and everyone is super tryhard except the noobs who are wondering why one or more of their team is yelling at them.

Yes this is true but now with a little thing at the end of a match that says (more or less) “You suck, here’s a demotion.” and this can piss people off primarily new people.

Nobody wants to try something new and just get destroyed over and over by top teams/Monsters without a second chance.

Casual Hunt would essentially be Bronze Tier.

Which doesn’t work now when as a Silver Elite or Destroyer I find full teams of “Determining Rank” or Bronze players…

Now those players get to see a big red “X” or a Demotion Screen.

Yes, I do agree my friend, all I can suggest is that you play some custom games with a set of hunters who feel the same way.

Again, I’d give ranked another go in a couple of days, hopefully the ranking system will work.

they should def add casual hunt, i’m with no rank yet and get people in my lobby who play evolve for the very first time, that means death to wildlife, not following daisy, doming decoy, clustering like chickens.
think it would be better for this people to learn the basics in casual gaming and then go into ranked.

I’m not talking about now, I’m talking about in the future. It’s hard to get new people as it is. When a team of Hunters lost before it was “Well damn it, I blame insert other players

Now it’s all that and a big “Git Gud screen” as you lose points and get demoted into “Trash Tier”

Not what I would want to see when I start up a new game.

Well…it’s really not fair to bronze players to play against a gold player. The whole point of ranked is to not get curb stomped by people with 50x the amount of experience in the game.

Not sure how you’re differentiating casual from the mentality you just talked about. The gold players would be the “get good” crowd and the bronze players would be casual. Having them matched up with others in the same pool makes those situations happen less frequently.

yes it does

give the ranking system some time to adjust its out for 2days ffs

Which it doesn’t work.

Before hand you would get a quick “You lost” screen, see your performance in masteries and get another quick match to take your vengeance on.

Now it’s some of that and a “You going down the board son!” and now you get to grumble and linger on that loss for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Yeah… because that’s fun.

The ranking system is to match people by skill level and experience.

You’re saying that you think it’s fair that a lesser skilled player has to face off against you? And you call that casual?

It just sounds like you want an unranked mode, not a casual one. Huge difference between the two.

If you’re a casual player, literally none of that would matter to you.

Edit: casual =/= unranked