Why is there a restart round function and why does monster vote mean so little?


@Macman @SlabOMeat @DamJess So I was just playing monster and all of a sudden it asks if we want to restart round I have just got a wildlife buff (Tyrant) all the hunters respawn 3 currently at two strikes and suddenly we are getting asked to vote. Seeing as I’m about to end the match I say No. The hunters out numbering me all vote Yes and I don’t get credit for the win I earned. I had just finished downing medic and support.

Why is it that as the monster My Vote counts for infinitely less. Why do I as a monster have to have my Vote count for less I can’t sway an evacuation game in my favor if the hunters are split in decision making and worst of all when the round is going to reset and I could win I get punished.

Remove Restart Round

I completely agree.

What the hell kind of feature is that? Just because the hunter team is full of players who are incapable of communicating/playing their role the right way, doesn’t mean I should be punished for properly sneaking around and evolving up, as every monster should.

The fact there’s even a veto system at all is beyond retarded when it’s already a 4 v 1 game, hahaha.


I did not know you can do this? I wonder if people will start doing this to wraith players.


I don’t have a problem with the Veto system I just feel like hunters get so much say that the monster just gets trolled in Evacuation lobbies and when a match reset vote happens. It doesn’t look at hunter strikes or my hp lvl if i could evolve. My current standing and stats if my hp is regening they just say yes and reset. I get a win denied from me for no reason what so ever other than they don’t want me to get the match perk.


I didn’t know this could happen till my last match.


I thought you need all 5 votes for restart…?

I actually never thought of using the restart mechanic just to mess with monster. My pals and I use it when someone get’s stucked because of a bug. We had some really hilarious situations with people getting stuck on weirdest places…