Why is there a need to evacuate Shear if people can reincarnate in this game?


After you get incapped 3 times you die, and after that, you reincarnate on the shuttle. How does it happen? The game loading screen had a message which said “Don’t ask us how it works - it’s the future”.

This implies that reincarnation is an accepted means of resuscitation in the future, where this game takes place, and is thus lore.

If that is the case, why do people have to evacuate Shear in the first place, if they can just purposely get killed, then reincarnate?


Kinda hard to revive something that’s been eaten.


Probably really expensive. A better question would be why save colonists of the planet is valuable?


Don’t ask how it works, it’s the future.


Oh no… He found it


I think that’s just the devs saying gameplay over realism, lol. In canon, dead is dead. It never explicitly says so, but if you read Matthew’s Evolve lore, it heavily implies that if you die, you die…Unless Laz is around, but as Laz says, he uses covert and unique tech.


Well, and that right there is something we don’t really know. I mean, Laz could think that he’s the last of his kind, but Hub could probably easily invest a bit more into buying Lazarus Men (I do think they’re produced and bought rather than signing up and trained to become. They just pay for changing their troops into them), and then just hiding them.


Same way people revive in borderlands. special people get clones, probably why the hunters stayed on shear after the evac as well since they’ll just res on the ship.


Why are the people in left 4 dead afraid of dying when they just wake up in a closet afterwards?

It’s necessary for the game, dont read into it.

“You just have to accept this and move on”


Actually the Borderlands devs have said that the respawn stations are not cannon.
Probably the same with Evolve.


Maybe it hurts like hell?


Monster gets one life, Hunters get infinite…
And there are loads of people moaning about the wraith being to hard to beat…
It’s player ability and team work bring the monster down…I play the monster and good teams beat me, bad ones get eaten


Also what I don’t get is the wins in Evac give you people saved. If you win the first 4 games but lose the last one shouldn’t everyone die? =P
I know it’s just the xp system but I thought that was funny.


Kinda like that borderland thingie, shit is expansive and not everyone can afford it. For those who can using maybe half their saving for a res, getting eaten alive is pretty damn unpleasant. Look at it this way, you a colonist being eaten by a goliath who is taking it’s sweet time sucking out your innards as tho they were ramen noodle, you res and discovered that your now in debt, that woulda sucks think of that and the additional mortgages…meaning you can’t res your wifie who just have her head bashed in . IMHO You do what you can to help em.

Alternatively, thing that res folks are on the big ass ship.


Its a game, do we really need a big scientific reason to respawn?


dieing hurts


But when you get eaten you reappear on the ship too :open_mouth: