Why is there a max level?


I think it would be nice to still level up after 40 (I read somewhere thats the max level). Im not here to demand more perks or level up skills/skins just a way to still level up to follow my progression without getting anything at all :stuck_out_tongue: This idea might be stupid if you convince me why :smiley: whatever the case i’d like to hear your suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

TL:DR I wanna see the difference between a player who just made level 40 and a player who’ve is far beyond that :smile:


I’ve noticed this in other games, but there’s a psychological aspect to facing up against someone who’s so far above you that you play worse. Titanfall, for example, facing up against a few gen 10s is quite terrifying when you’re only gen 3.


There is no point.

Also, the level shouldn’t tell anything about the player except for the park he/she has available. It can get pretty scary pre-game when you’re facing off against some overleveld opponents.


Challenge accepted. I love those matches. Bigger they are…