Why is there a challenge with a broken character?


@MacMan Why is there a Parnell challenge while Super Soldier is still bugged? (SS bugged since 31 March)


What’s wrong with super soldier?


Super Soldier doesn’t always work thus damaging your health without getting any positive effects from SS (not getting increased fire rate, movement speed, reload speed and jump height). Basically it’s only a self damaging ability now, Parnell is missing a fourth ability, worse actually his 4th ability is a self punishing skill now. I’ve experienced this a lot if I activate SS while reloading, weapon switching, getting knock backed from the monster or simply mashing my L2.


Well I mean its not all bad if you like self punishment. (Joking)


Of all the Parnelling I’ve done in the last 24 hours, I haven’t experienced this once. It must not be very common if 100+ doses of fiery drugs seems to have only one outcome.

The pain is worth it! :parnell_cute:


I’m curious to hear of the percentage of Parnell’s activations
That end up in buffless self-destructive situations…


I see you’re new to Parnell then.


I got him to elite, but I don’t play him very often (sans this weekend). My guns shoot fast and my hands cram bullets back into them. Never seemed different.

Maybe SS has an unusual interaction with buffs (e.g. reload speed)? Or what if this only occurs if the buff drops while you have SS active, so the game believes all reload speed increases should be nullified?

Never seen it, but I’m throwing out ideas. I can say for sure that I haven’t lost a SS-related buff while SS was active, so it’s a possibility.


…Is this exclusive to consoles or something? I’m running tests on it right now, in this match so far I’ve activated it 8 times, twice without any modifiers, standing stll, twice while reloading, twice while switching weapons (one of which was during combat/flying), and twice during knockbacks (both of which in combat with a monster) and… I’m still getting the buff.


I play on xbox, and play a good bit of Parnell and this has only happend to me a handful of times. It hasn’t happened at all this weekend for me.


Add another one while knocked back, and another one while flying with reloadig, no failiures thus far…


Could be, I am on the PS4.


Anecdotal evidence. This happened to me just last night for the first time in about 4-5 hours of playing. It happened toward the end of a match and to be fair that whole match was bugged and had a lot of lag. Even the bot AI (Kraken if you care) was freaking out.


When it happens to you, is Slim in the game with you?


No. 10 char


Yea, full match completed, 12 activations in total, no failiures… I think this might be a console thing.


Well, it’s happened to me a few times, and I’m pretty sure that activating SS while Slim’s bug is on you will bug it out 100% of the time.

That being said, it hasn’t happened to me yet this weekend.

Edit: Xbox one btw.


I tried to reproduce the bug on why it exactly happens.Best i can tell its something to do with Slim’s healing bug and Parnell reloading in the time that you activate SS.

So in order for that not to happen just use SS when you are ready to fire.Also from what i understand anyway if you don’t want to miss a single second of SS it is better to use it when you are ready to attack and not when reloading.


Why not? SS is bugged, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get headshots for the challenge.


All my time I only got it once in game for two SS but then got zapped by the thunder chicken and it worked again was on Xbox and ran health regain.