Why is the PS4 version so broken right now?


I haven’t had a good game in forever because it keeps cutting out, there’s nothing wrong with PSN I can play other games just fine.

In Evac 3 Defend’s in a row have cut out for me and the others playing(could still use voice chat)

Along with that I’ve spawned as Behemoth a ton of times in Stage 1, stage up to 2 and then my points from Stage 1 are gone…I understand he may be broken since he’s new though.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Nest doesn’t function very well.

Won a match earlier where the Monster’s minion was still alive, last egg destroyed so we won.
Yesterday I lost as Wraith, right as I downed the last Hunter Abe…minion and an egg were still there, couldn’t have been time since the Monster wins from the timer.

Along with that in character selection textures from the jetpacks seem to be broken too, not that I particularly care about that.

What’s going on with the PS4 version? It’s been fine since Behemoth and the new Hunters were added only recently has it got like this like 3-5 days to my knowledge.

It’s really quite frustrating especially in the middle of an epic climax to defend it just cuts out.


yeah i noticed its been crap lately, sometimes it feels like im playing with the same 20 ppl over and over again,

hell i recognize names!!! that shouldn’t be a thing :unamused:

btw, in before the sunny nerfs


Yeah I see that often I don’t mind it much so long as the game works.

At least there seem to be less shit people around I don’t have to baby my team every single match.

I can’t help but wonder if this is the result of all the timed exclusive shit, the lack of interest that is. Hopefully publishers stop that crap soon if this is the result.
(though obviously in part it’s the fault of people being shit at team games and thinking the game is shit)


Anyone have any numbers for players on the PS4 version?


Yeah the PS4 servers are all kinds of messed up. Can’t get into games and when I do, half the time it freezes up. Playing with parties is also awful because of how often the full party doesn’t get into a lobby.


all i know is, its disconnects everywhere, weather im monster or hunter :cry:

in before sunny nerf


Glad I’m not the only one, and it is an actual problem I am on xbone but post patch I have been having major problems with their servers, I says their servers because I can play other games just fine


So the X1 version is broken too?

I hope it’s fixed soon already doesn’t seem like that many people play the game…don’t want them all to leave.


You should put this thread in the “bugs” section.