Why is the In-Game voice chat on PS4 AWFUL?


Does anyone know what is wrong with the team chat on PS4? Is it just PS4? I don’t understand how this issue wasn’t handled before release of a game in which the devs stress how teamwork is key…

the problem is with the IN-GAME voice-chat, not PS4 party-chat.

please bump so we can let TRS know this is unacceptable. It is impossible to beat higher level monsters without proper communication!


There’s a reddit thread on this as well. I’ve had 0 issues on PC but seen multiple people complain that ps4 chat is so bad that at times they just turn it off altogether because it’s unusable.


It is fine for me.


Hiya, I agree the voice chat needs some work. There was a similar post on this a few days ago here.


PS4 chat is just all around garbage. Every game I have played on it sounds like they use dixie cups and string


I have only listened to it, but for many it sounds like they are talking under water or in an echo chamber, much more so than I have noticed in other PS4 games. I usually end up muting people just because it hurts to listen to.


I haven’t found this to be the case, and if it was, then no one would call it out here, we’d all just be used to it sucking, so I can’t agree.


Have you played destiny? the in game chat there is terrible… party chat is a bit clearer, but it isn’t like you can group up as easily in this game


Unfortunately I did use it in Destiny, the voice chat wasn’t a problem there at all for me, too bad Destiny sucked, but that’s neither here nor there. I still assert that if the PS4 chat overall was the problem, people wouldn’t bother complaining about it on Evolve’s forum. Clearly they are finding it worse for this game than is typical, which has been my experience. Sorry bud.


Voice chat is often pretty bad on Xbox One as well. Its not always bad, but its bad often enough that it is noticeable.


Yeah, I pretty much refuse to even use game chat. I am always in party chat since that works far better and if I’m playing solo then I still don’t use the terrible game chat, it’s that bad.


Party chat on PS4 is very clear. Could be your headset.

In-game chat in Evolve is awful. Destiny is acceptable, just a little muffled.


Evolve’s ingame voicechat on PS4 indeed is awful. It probably uses only 8-bit-resolution. This resolution is good enough for the cheap headset Sony supplies with the PS4, but it is not good enough for high-quality headsets working with 16-bit-resolution, resulting often in terrible distortion.

What usually helps is telling players with good headsets to lower their microphone level:

The PS4 party chart is much better and clearer, but Evolve cannot handle the PS4 party chat and separates players to different games.


I don’t even have my headset plugged in. I hear the voice chat through my TV and it still sounds muffled and distorted. I haven’t had this issue ever, on any other game. We seem to be. Having mixed reviews with people who agree and disagree, and I’m still clue less as to what the issue could be.


this is absolutely a big problem and i don’t know why some of you are so insistent that it isn’t.

first of all the problem is with the NATIVE IN-GAME CHAT, not the party chat. i get the sense that at least one of the people who replied saying that they don’t have problems are playing within a PSN party. i, too, have zero issues when chatting in a party. it’s crystal clear. but without fail, when i’m not in a party, and i try to talk to someone using evolve’s chat system, it’s terrible.

don’t get me wrong: you can often make out what they’re saying. but not always, and even when you’re able to follow one another it’s overly loud and blown out. the best comparison i can make is that it sounds like the other person is screaming into a walkie talkie. other times i’m not even that lucky and i’m forced to mute the other person because it’s just loud, unintelligible noises.

to the few who suggested that the problem is on our end, with our microphones, it’s not. for one, the problem persists whether the audio is coming through the headphones or the television (or in my case, monitor). nor is it on the end of the person speaking, because people have told me in-game that they can’t understand a word i’m saying, only to hear me just fine when i invite them to a PSN party.

the in-game chat is seriously bad. to the point that i dislike solo queueing, independent of the usual reasons. in a game where is so important it’s hardly worth playing when you can’t understand one another.

for now i’ve been creating a PSN party and inviting people there. but i would prefer not to use a workaround.


Thank you for clarifying. Yes this thread is about the in-game voice chat, notPSN party


My first line was about PS4 party chat.

Second line was about Evolve and Destiny in-game chat. And yes, like I said, the former is terrible.


Does anyone have anything to add to this topic?? It’s very frustrating because I would love to enjoy this game to its full potential using verbal communication with my team.
I need this to be addressed and fixed by the dev team asap because I do not have friends whom I can party up with using PSN.


I do play Destiny and the “fireteam chat” in that game is head and shoulders above the in-game chat in Evolve. It really sucks because I literally can’t understand what my teammates are saying.


To echo what others have said its literally the worst shit I’ve ever heard.

I have never heard audio this bad. If it cant be fixed then I’m never going to bother with it. Its embarrassing how awful it is.