Why is so unbalanced against monster?



You cant win against a team who shield and heal a guy that you have damaged 3 or 4 skills, all landed to one guy, they regenerate to full hp in an instant… WTH!!!
as I have 8 wins and 3 loses… 2 loses against those team, you cant feed because the dome is there everytime, you jump 3 times, feed and there is the dome again, the satelital tracking is a pain, even if I have armor and dmg reduction perks.
I have win with like 10% hp against a team like that, whose doesnt use heal and shield properly, wo whats the point of being a monster if the game is unbalanced? even if all do good?
I have only lose against people who use and abuse health and shield, I can’t even damage them even if I land all the skills in just one guy, and again, what’s the point on playing as a monster if the game is not balanced?
Monster does so little damage to all, even wildlife! You cant escape a team constantly chasing you with dome and tracking while feeding, also the dome getting low cd is a sh*t, why cant you get low cd if you kill them in a dome? 1 min dome cd is a bad idea if you cant kill anyone against that stupid team
Map needs to be a large circle, not a large path with side roads where you can only hide after dome is down because satelital track will spot you if you sneak near them, sneak is no longer use if the track you so easily!

PS: To devs, raise cd of planet scanner or put more wildlife together


Sounds like you may be really new to the game. 8-3 W/L ratio and you’re complaining? Most monsters are currently grossly overpowered so this is 100% a L2P issue.


Maybe those hunters are better than you? You’re 8-3 and think you’re underpowered. Did it seriously never cross your mind that maybe you made some mistakes and maybe those hunters played well?


That is why you don’t know how to play. The support’s shield does not last forever. Just go after the medic, put him down then just kill him. It’s so easy to do it even stage 1. After killed the medic go to the suport and finish the game. I think when you put a hunter down, the dome time decreases, so you can scape easily and get feed faster.


Yeah the shields and the healing can be a little overwhelming at first

But dont give up!

This game has a surprisingly harsh learning curve, once you get the hang of it, You’ll be chomping up those medics for breakfast.


Yes I’m new but that’s not the case, this need balance, monster has a lot of hp but no time to evolve because tracking system and dome system is just a huge help to hunters now, sneaking is not efective as before (I saw videos, read reviews and a lot because I wanted this game but was not able to afford the game at that moment)

Also pastafarian, Im saying that, hunters plays well and did I, land all skills and do nothing more than just to wait dome down and run? cant feed, satelital tracking has too low cd.

I have lose and win against teams that plays well but was more balanced, they did more mistakes and I win, lose another as monster and the same, I failed skills

But now and twice, I didnt fail skills and neither they, they heal up really fast and with the shield you dont do damage.

But I’m more to say that the monster needs a little help with wildlife or hunters to have some skills at tracking and not only to spam satelital track and go for you every 30 sec… 45-60 sec maybe?

Nadiow_morrow As I was writing saw you comment, I always do that and that’s the way I win, but again, I cant kill them as Goliath even if I land all the skills in medic if the hunters team are using health and shield every 10 sec I cant damage them

That’s my point, that team is almost unkilleable even if I do that strat


I think monsters and hunters have nice balance as of now .
I would prefer if they take out satellite tracking tho … It renders sneaking useless.


I’m Talking about that! more cd please!


check out this thread - Can we talk about the balance in high level play?
You know what? I hate Stage 2. This is why

Right now playing monster has no strategical depth , just mindless running and you hold very low chance of winning against a well coordinated team as they know your target will be medic .

Most skilled monster player find current situation of monster to be underwhelming… while casual find them to be op.

As wraith I have been nearly killed at stage 3 even … but I have mascaraed hunters at stage 1. This game is about coordination of hunters . They are under powered if you lack coordination , they are op if you are good at it.


8 wins 3 losses and your feeling the game balance is against the monster.

what about me? before the latest patch i was average of 6 wins 10 losses, W/L ratio of 0.62. as a hunter.

Your winning 70+% of the time. I’m only winning 40% of the time.


As I read the other topic I realize that the game is a little balanced to hunters as one said (and that has played all hunters and monsters)

What I dont like is that satelital tracking has way too low cd and hunters are so fast, so 30 sec cd comes in 15 sec free to feed and dome is up, then run for another 15 sec and have others 15 sec to feed, twice and dome is up!
or feed is to slow even with perks because wildlife are separated or hunters have a lot of low cd.

Map should be a circle and not a large path with side roads, in a middle road you cant sneak or run through a side road because dome will be automaticaly centered in you, and forced to fight because you cant climb rock walls to the top, only small ones.

Hunters doesnt need to move to edges of map, only near and use satelital track and dome and they are there for you in 5 secs.


Well, I think thats because from the start I went against the medic, and played against lvl 1 people as me.
I’m reading now that my strat was the winning strat from beggining, but now I encounter more skilled players the difference shows up, too low cd for tracking and dome, and no time to feed as a monster because they are coming for you so easily because planet tracking


there was a thread where this guy could evolve at 1min 30 secs. no1 could find him.

i suggest you learn from that thread made by Shin.

As for me i’m still getting the hang of reading and dodging monster skills.


Gonna just leave these screenshots here. I also agree hunters are busted OP


Might it not be advisable to have more than 11 matches under your belt as a monster before expressing concerns about balance?


Just going to drop this screenshot off of my current forum feed


Well I changed the strat back and won twice, but dome and planet tracking has too low cd
New hunters doesnt coordinate well and cant fight against a monster properly, but well coordinate hunters can reckt a monsters easily, and I’m talking about well coordinated teams, in that case the things are balanced in hunters favor


And this right here is why I simply dont buy what youre selling. Not as youre selling it, anyways.

Lets be honest- If were talking about good hunters, GENUINELY, bonafied, GOOD hunters- You could completely remove the scanner, and it wouldnt make diddly difference.

ACTUAL good hunters rarely actually lost direction of the monster. This was a minor QoL buff to top-end hunters at best. They didnt need this. They still dont.

If the hunters ARE too powerful, the planet scanner has minimal impact on that. And if you or anyone honestly thinks thats anything but a trivial factor in the balance, in as nice a way as I can say it (I can not emphasize how much i honestly mean NO disrespect here with what follows) youre completely mistaken and dont honestly understand high level balance.

Its a new meta. Monsters have changed, big time. Its going to take awhile for them to adjust to these shifts. Its way, WAY too soon to honestly make solid assertions one way or the other.

And im sorry again- but ESPECIALLY if you only have 11 matches under your belt as monster. Im sorry- But you are simply way, way too inexperienced to be solidly making assertions like that. With 11 matches under your belt you at BEST have a few hours of experience at the wheel (Thats assuming ALL of those matches were 15+ minute matches, or averaged out to be). You dont play a dozen matches of LoL/Dota and tell the experts whats wrong with the balance in their game. You dont do a dozen matches in Cs:Go and begin critiquing level advantages. You dont do a dozen rounds in rocket league and tell a rocketeer how they mess up their arials. And you CERTAINLY dont do less than a dozen monster matches in evolve, and talk about “high level balance”.


I won 9 games in a row against people you just said you cant.


You’ve already given an answer to your own question. hunter team coordination is weak and your skills are better than their teamwork. You win.

Hunter coondination is superb and are you confident to say that your skills are really top tier? if not it was an acceptable loss?

If well coordinated team of hunters can’t even kill a monster, which means 1 side has no chance of winning, can evolve be called a video game?


This monster is regenerating armor while attacking a hunter, and OP states hunters are OP,