Why is smell not autocast?


What’s the point in me pushing R3 every two seconds for the entire match to do something that I ALWAYS want to be doing and never don’t want to do?

Please make this ability auto-cast. I’m worried about the integrity of my right analogue stick.


No kidding. Getting carpel tunnel.


It would be pretty annoying in auto cast an would take less control out of the players hands. Having smell spammed every five seconds would get pretty annoying fast.


That would be like allowing hunter abilities be auto-cast. It’s part of the strategy/gameplay.


What most people don’t realise is that smell makes noise. It makes an awful lot of noise if you’re the kraken. Hunters can hear this and find you if they’re listening :slight_smile:


You aren’t already spamming it 100% of the time?


I love that noise. Like a horse…a big…lippy…horse.


Doesn’t smelling make a noise that the hunters can hear as well?

Would be annoying if it auto cast when you were trying to hide from nearby hunters and they heard it and found you.

Not sure if it does make a noise but I’m sure I read it somewhere on these forums.


lol you got there first


As a Zerg player in Starcraft 2, auto-cast would be bad in my view. Having smell as it is now forces you to be aware rather than complacent, just as the Zerg ‘inject larvae’ cycle marks the start of a mental checklist that is done just in time to inject larvae again. In Evolve, the sudden absence of coloured outlines prompts me to use smell and look around everywhere no matter what I’m currently doing. If this was on by default, I’d get complacent and stop looking around because of the false sense of knowing what’s already there.


It makes a noise on Kraken at least but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that, that sound plays for the hunters as well.


Forgetting to smell is a game mechanic as much as smelling is.


It’s boring game mechanic though.

It’s just a tax on my attention. It’s not an interesting decision.


It’s not really part of the strategy because you never don’t want to cast it. You don’t decide “oh, now would be a good time to smell” you just smell whenever it’s off cooldown. Like, 99% of the time you just keep pressing it.


No because i don’t need to i’m very sneaky, i do it every once in a while although.
Edit: Besides half the time the hunters aren’t there you’re doing it for nothing, i use it for wildlife mostly, but i like to check behind myself every so often.


Strange choice of word as ‘tax’ is not an overall reduction; it’s not zero-sum. If you’re not required to pay attention, you can end up not producing any.


It makes a noise for the hunters. People just aren’t listening for it.