Why is Sentry Gun the only deployable with infinite duration?


Again, not sure if bug or design, so General gets my attention tonight. I never fully appreciated this effect until I realized that Bucket can drop his Sentries around an Egg and walk away; they will shoot forever.


Yeah, and that’s a damned good strategy on Nest… don’t ruin it. :wink:


Mines are infinite as well. Same with Harpoon Traps.


It’s the only map I can see Bucket being remotely useful, but not impossible to beat as a monster.


Sound spikes.


Oh ya, forgot about those to :stuck_out_tongue: In fact, it’s really just stasis grenades that aren’t permanent (So far)


Don’t forget the Toxic ones either.
The turrets need to stay this way, because when a support needs to protect its allies or aid the assault is laying out damage you can’t have them randomly disappearing because they met their damage quota. Its not like they’re hard to break or anything.


Perhaps I should rephrase. Sentries are the only deployable capable of dealing infinite damage. The others mentioned are 1-use and gone.


I wouldn’t consider toxic grenades as being a deployable because you can’t have more than 2 out at a time. If you just mean something ‘on the field’ then Dome would be a deployable. However, I don’t consider either of those two as being that.


I think my defense in the last post sums it up pretty well as to why they need to stay how they are.


Railgun is the only gun that shoots through walls. Bucket’s missles are the only ones that follow the cursor. Not every thing has to be homogenized.