Why is Poison Bomb only 1 deploy instead of 5?


Working my way through Tier 2 and just noticed this. As soon as you throw a new Poison Bomb, the old one dissipates a few seconds later. I’m not sure if this is a bug or design, so I’m asking General.


Poison bomb is broken, it needs a major overhaul and hopefully they address it soon.


How is poison bomb broken? It’s meant to flush/move the monster. As for deployables, it’s because the reload speed on it takes so long. Btw, you CAN have 2 out at the same time.


Because it doesn’t flush or move the monster, in fact, monsters ignore it because of its pathetic damage. It also happens to be more detrimental to the hunters than the monster because it slows the hunter movement speed.

They need to get rid of that penalty and either make the damage a dot or let the poison bombs stack on each other for extra damage, currently though, there is absolutely no reason to use poison bomb over simply firing away with machine gun.


So a monster sitting in it that is taking literally free damage is a bad thing? If it continues to sit their throw it again, and again, and again. Doing free damage to the monster without fear of reprisal is really good.


I’ll have to do some more testing to get specific times. Presuming you are correct however, having a reload speed so high that it negates the ability to use multiple seems to defeat the purpose of having it.


Against goliath you wouldnt even do health damage. Poison grenades over their entire duration do as much as one markov mine. Its pathetic


I believe that the monster must sit in the cloud for 8 seconds to take as much damage as one Arc Mine. Someone can correct that if it wrong but I believe that is the damage scale.

And if you throw a second poison bomb it does not stack with the first.

Do you see the problem yet?

A monster can stand in the poison cloud the whole match and take very little damage from it.