Why is Kraken so slow?


Loved him during the Alpha weekend, now he moves like a brick :frowning: Between his walking speed, reduced flight time & speed, and Stasis Grenades completely negating flight, I find making any distance against the Hunters to be nigh impossible.


Try to only use flight to go up and over obstacles. Staying in the air is actually pretty slow. Use it to fly up and over and then go back to sneaking/walking.


I’ve been getting the hang of that. Still, being the only Monster without traversal utility, I’d think his base speed would be quite a bit higher.


Nah, his speed is pretty decent. He has a harder time getting away from Hunters but that is his weakness. He has lots of dispersal abilities but lacks the ability to leap across the map like Goliath. Sometimes sneaking Banshee Mines in bushes will surprise hunters and slow them down a tad.


Keep attacking the hunters while fleeing. Mines and vortex help you increase your distance from hunters as well as doing damage. A win / win.

Climbing a cliff, using vortex to send a few hunters flying then pouncing the trapper feels good :slight_smile:


maybe they nerfed Kraken`s speed because that coupled with the increased mobility of flight and damage of lightning strike along with a armour and health pool to match Goliath it would just be the most in killable death machine


Using sneak or even walking a lot is counterproductive to what makes Kraken Kraken IMO. The dude can fly. Use it.


How to use Kraken


Pick up the speed buff early in the match and the difference is unbelievable. If the Kraken was any faster normally it would be stupid.


Decent hunters these days can keep up with all the monsters these days, so saying Krakens speed is ‘ok’ is a bit of a push i feel.


Breaking away from the hunters with the kraken requires a different mindset than the Goliath/Wraith. The big advantage of flying is when there are a lot of vertical distance for the hunters to keep changing while you fly over it all. This can be a bit map dependent, but you also have a lot of control as you’re leading the chase. Find some rocky terrain, then fly backwards dropping mines in inconvenient places and using smell to catch hunters with vortex just as they come around bends/over ledges (its got a pretty decent range and fast cooldown). With a bit of luck you can knock them back just as they’ve burned most of their fuel, amplifying the difficulty of chasing you up and down over obstacles. Even better, this can string out the hunters if they’re not careful, opening up ambush opportunities.


Because of vortex`s insane cooldown


Fun thing about kraken is that he can fly backward at the same speed he flies forward, that means you get to fight and run at the same time.


An unused tactic is while sneaking you can fire mines off in a different direction to try to lure them away.

Like anything it doesn’t always work, but they’re loud buggers and they certainly grab their attention.

(Also just broke top #50 Kraken with unbeaten record. Go me. Bit of shameful self praise there :slight_smile: )


Lightning strike has unlimited range. You can use it to hit the other side of the map to try and throw confusion. Personally, I like to hide banshee mines in bushes. VERY hard to see and the person in front usually has non shooting guns out. Tranqs, harpoon etc…


after the initial speed burst of the traversal i usually go back down to the ground to start sneaking again. kraken has a lower profile than people think. and coming from mastering goliath stealth, it makes kraken feel so much more powerful when everyones looking to the skies, and im getting ready to pounce.


Agreed. Also, staying in the sky makes it super easy to see where you are going and heading. It’s like being tagged without being tagged. Vault over obstacles and then crouch. Kraken is super low to the ground compared to Goliath.


Vortex vortex vortex vortex. Hunters either get knocked back or have to break off pursuit to take cover until it passes. Take three points in it right off and you can whipe hunter teams at tier one if you feel like it. I would also always take move speed on kraken. It synergizes with his play style really well and he really is slow without it.


Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be though? Good hunters that know the terrain and how to efficiently use fuel should be able to keep up once they find the Monster.


Flying is pretty slow.
Walking is pretty slow.

And Behemoth is supposed to be even slower?
That Rock Monster is so dead… :astonished: