Why is kala so far to the side?


I don’t know if anybody noticed but me, but on the screen showing All the hunters lined up with the monster in the background and giving you the option to deploy in singleplayer, kala on that screen is for some reason very far back/off to the side for no reason, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but I think it should be adjusted to make her fit with the rest.


You beat me and @Azmi_Anuar to it! We were just talking about making a thread on this!

Perhaps it’s a design choice because she’s half Monster O-o


I’m glad I’m not insane, it just makes me want to scratch my screen looking at it.


The others are species-ist and hate the monsters, so they half hate Kala.


Yeah I thought it was weird that she was so far into the monsters slot, I just assumed it was intentional as she was half a monster on that side.


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