Why is it that 98% of all Abe players just suck?


I have played many matches with Abes in the team, some were good, one was really great. The rest
just really sucked. The assault in those matches usually takes over the job. Whenever someone picks
Abe I feel like it’s a disadvantage.

Maggie is great at finding the monster during all stages, Griffin is really cool if he places the spikes right,
Crow is great once he finds the monster.

I get the idea of Abe and I like the tracking darts. Why is it that most players just suck as Abe?

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Abe is kinda useless imo, I never pick him because I feel like I’m utterly crippling everyone ^.^



I think it’s too many pugs just want to run around pretending they’re Parnell with the shotgun, instead of methodically making your way across the map tagging everything you see with darts.



He requires more genuine tracking skill than the others as he has nothing to track for him, once he finds his target though its a ballache trying to lose him.



It’s cause they’re not me the world’s greatest Abe…nah just kidding I’m the world’s 60 something greatest Abe…on Xbox :stuck_out_tongue:
In all seriousness I deal with doo doo trappers all day not just people being Abe nothing worse that a trapper that won’t dome



Because Abe was never even remotely as good as everyone thought? He’s the hardest trapper to play, for the least results. If the trapper isn’t good, they can’t fake it like you can with Maggie and Crow.



Because you can’t track the monster with anything until you find him.



Abe is great in the fight… Sure stage 1 domes are rare with Abe… Once found, he’s really hard to shake… If your monster doubles back, good chance their eating a darted creature… In a fight the stasis field he can create can be a nightmare… And his shotgun does good damage and can be accurate when needed…



Uh oh… I play Abe a lot. This thread is making me nervous.

I do agree that Abe’s greatest weakness is early game play. It’s difficult as Abe to meet a stage 1 monster, due to the limitations of the tracking mechanics. That said, once the monster is found, Abe shines. I’ve played in teams where OTHER people were trapper and played Abe, and would agree that… there are certainly some that I would play differently. I don’t know, maybe some think I’m awful. I shoot darts into everything I see early in the game. Obviously if there are tracks, or birds, I run toward them, and often try to guess where the monster will be and cut it off. Sometimes, I shoot things along the way - especially albinos that might be tempting for the monster. Other times, I may throw stasis grenades at choke points when I know the monster is close to slow it so I can dome it.

I guess I would say, though, that perhaps Abe really demonstrates the limitations of players that DON’T attempt to cut off the monster. With trappers like Maggie or Crow, you can rely on the pets to spot the monster for you when you get close enough, and it becomes way more obvious where you should be running. With Abe, I think a bit of intuition and deductive reasoning really comes in play. Like, the monster is in a corner there… check minimap… there are two ways out, and the assault is already at the right end, so I will run… left, in case he breaks for it. I think this is the case for many/all trappers, but I think Abe especially NEEDS that in a player, because you have little else to rely on if you don’t get a dart in the monster. Maggie players can recover by following Daisy until you find the monster eating or evolving. Crow might get a good spot with Gobi eventually. Abe - you only have the hope that the monster will eat a darted wildlife if you don’t lead off the monster, which makes it a bit more challenging for some, I think. A lot of hunters in general (particularly at lower levels though - less so at max level) don’t adequately cut off the monster.



Because 98% of Abe players don’t shoot tracking darts in the wildlife… and they also don’t keep the monster tagged when they finally do spot it.

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That does drive me crazy with other Abe players in the team.

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My preference of Trappers goes

Maggie > Crow > Griffin > Abe

I think the Trapper class is the most balanced because they all do what they do very good and no one trapper is outright better than the other, well at least not by a large margin like Medic and Support.

As far as skill requirements go I would say

Abe > Griffin > Crow > Maggie

hmmm, when I think about it maybe most people play the other 3 trappers because they are easier to do well with as opposed to Abe where you need to really have a good sense on where a sneaky monster is going to be.



The game should do a much better job at promoting the mini-map. I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve played with that never knew it existed.

It became blatantly obvious to me how dumb people were when the Broken Hill Mine map came out for Xbox… and people were complaining about how difficult it was to know where dead ends were, etc.

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Abe requires more…finesse to be of good use. He has a looooot of potential.

The main mistakes I see a tonne of Abe players making are a). Staying on the shottie/nades separately for too long, and b). not renewing darts enough.

When I’m Abe, I layer the stasis nades on, renew a dart, shottie spam, and rinse and repeat.

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A bunch’a Abe players aren’t really that good. Too many-a time have I seen them trying to spam darts less than 20 meters(?) away from the monster rather than taking the chance to dome it. You sit there holding your fire just WAITING for this dome to come down but all he does it fail his tracks, when he finally gets it the monster’s miles away and probably evolving by now. They never use their slows like they should, so they get pummeled and the dome goes down. If he got the monster in a dome that is.

Also shotgun spam.

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Maybe they didn’t suck, Abe just doesn’t perform like any of the other trappers so you feel underwhelmed. Not that Abe is bad or anything, there’s just not really a reason to pick him imo.



Because he’s more skill based than any of the other trappers. My friend who I play with all the time is by far the scariest trapper i’ve ever come against, and he mains Abe.

Anyone who says he’s useless or bad really need to play against a good one, or play him more and get some experience with him.



Because Abe himself sucks, he’s the weakest trapper. When you play with an inferior character your performance will suffer. Plus the majority of the Evolve community sucks which makes it a lose-lose situation.



He has the highest dps for any trapper. He, unlike griffin and crow, can slow the monster while dealing damage. He also has much more potential for slowing than any other trapper. Once the monster is found, a good Abe will not let him escape. True, 98% of abes are terrible, but a good one scares me more than the easily counter able others. Finding the monster can be a challenge, but its doable, bodies, broken trees, plants, wildlife, feeding grounds, popular hiding places, and the sounds. Abe is good, when the player is



Tell that to the esl players and they’ll disagree. Crow can statis the monster for 10 seconds with a charged shot and dealing damage, other trappers have better CC thus Assault can deal more damage, your main damage dealer. Better CC also means better defense and better tracking means an early dome which is where the game is won.