Why is it every update, my game frames drop?


There is no engine changes, just content changes right ?

Why this happens every update ? i just updated my graphics driver just a few days prior to this update. Anybody else getting this ?


Yeah me too, probably just my aging GPU


not only that, high server ping + hunter buff perks.

they are so agile, finding me as monster so easily.

then there’s the new creature bug. being near them so often but still can’t eat.
some creatures even floating above the ground when dead.

-high server ping, not a 1 time thing. i have screenshots of many times where everybody in the server had 150-200 ping.
-hunter buffs
-low frames

better to give something a break than be upset about it


Hunter movement speed solo queue buff is the crazy part, even tho i never really had a problem with that, but some people do.


i’ve also checked steam stats.

most popular gpu is gtx 970 at 5%
most popular
vram not system ram is 1024mb at 30%+, that is very low.
what does that say ?
majority of people are having older gen gpu’s too.

there are many games out there, that can still look beautiful with lotta high frames. witcher 2, gta v


I can get 30 - 50 fps with my GTX 650 at high setting, but the crazy framedrops is unbearable