Why is Damage Increase considered viable while Damage Reduction isn't?


I see both as ok perks, though personally I have stopped using Damage reduction after it’s first nerf but I when I run monster I still occasionally still use it from time to time.

What could be the meta mindset around this?


Damage resist only works on health I believe, which makes it pretty weak


Are you talking about only as Monster?
Cause when I play Assault I’ll use Damage Reduction sometimes.


I always take damage reduction if I pick Hank.


Both, but mostly geared towards monsters. Since the two perks are almost never picked by hunters anymore.


You don’t play Assault…


I do with randoms sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t only play with you, Tom. How do you think I got all 5 of them elite?

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why the hell would u pick DR on a freaking ASSAULT


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Oh, I don’t know… to reduce damage? So I don’t have to worry about my health as much when playing with random medics who don’t heal?

In no way would I pick that in competitive play, but in casual play I can pick what I want :stuck_out_tongue:


I think HP regen would be better than DR, since most asaults don’t get focused on. XD


Damage increase shortens engagements, damage resist just keeps you in the fight slightly longer while the hunters keep running rings around you anyway


Just looking at it from a general perspective, damage reduction only slows down your opponent’s goal but gets you no further towards yours, it’s like playing an MMO and you need to kill something but all you bring is healing spells. You’re only delaying the inevitable.

For Evolve, given how the monster seems to always have to burst down a hunter to actually give them strikes, I can see why a damage boost would be much more useful than reduction. Bloody healers forcing you to go burst or nuthin’.


Do you actually feel a difference for these two?


I find DI and DR are only really good in albino buffs. they are good temporarily but not for a whole match.

Something like QS, SR, JH, MS. those can all be applied in/out of combat.