Why is Crow the Least Played Character in Evolve?


Why is it so? Seriously, I would like to know. Do people simply not like playing him? Does the vast majority think the other trappers are better? Are people simply not good with him? Does he not synergize well with other characters? What’s up with it?

  1. You have to pay for Crow
  2. Requires good aim
  3. Tracking Tool requires some knowledge about the Monsters behaviour
  4. Maggie’s Tracking tool is braindead
  5. Griffins CC is mega fun
  6. Abe’s shotgun does much damage and is mega fun
  7. Jack’s dialogue is mega fun

Still my favorite trapper


I love crow, but harpoons > stasis.


Is there a graph or something I’ve missed that says he’s the least played out of all the Hunters?


Because… THE JACKAL!


I think the squirrel said it a few weeks back in the talking about topic.


His stasis is bad for how difficult it is to land IMO. The others have better CC


The short answer? Crow has a high skill ceiling.

Everything about crow requires a large degree of precision, with the exception of gobi- But Gobi still requires a good degree of comprehension to utilize effectively. People complained gobi felt weak when it was first released. “Wah wah, finding the monster is hit or miss”. But I digress- His rifle does amazingly good damage, but with only 6 shots in the bank, missing just a couple shots per magazine is a HUGE decrease in his effective dps (Missed 2-3 shots? Theres 30-50% of your damage potential. Ouch). Likewise his stasis is amazingly powerful- Unlike an abe stasis field which can be simply jumped/moved out of, youre locked in stasis for the full duration of a charged shot no matter what you do. And with the charge time/duration (currently), Hes capable of keeping a monster in stasis 100% of the time they are engaging. But it requires, again, precision.

And most players straight up lack the precision (for various reasons) necessary to reliably land these shots.


pfff. He is my most played trapper


Same here, that doesn’t mean he’s played a lot by others sadly.


So basically he’s hard to play as, so no one plays him? That’s a poor excuse.



Excuse? Who is asking to be excused? o.O


Excuse as in a reason not to play him.


Some (most) people play games for fun, if there’s an easier character to play and therefore the fun is easier to access, then what “excuse” is there? No-one is sitting there making excuses for not picking crow, they’re just not picking him because they enjoy playing other trappers more. No character deserves to be picked simply for being, and despite your view to the contrary a high skill floor is the prime way to make people choose to avoid a character.


8 . Hard trapper are the meta because they are imo superior and hard CC trappers do a lot of damage anyways.

He is one of my favorite trappers to play due to the charge up mechanics, but he has a high skill floor which makes it very hard for players to get into.

He also requires more team work to pull off well, especially in combat because he’s very vulnerable to being focused down.
I’ve been in countless games where teammates would grief and kill themselves or not heal because they think Crow is a trolltrapper and that we get an auto lose for it.


I mainly don’t play him simply because I’m not that fond of Gobi and his rifle is meh to me.

I used to main Maggie but have since moved to team Abe and I love it there.


I play him but sadly I would choose Griffin if I had to


I wouldn’t say its a bad thing he isn’t played a lot. I mean I don’t care if no one else plays him more crow for me.


For me, I love Abe and Crow and find them to be the most fun Trappers, but my problem is, as much as I want to play Crow, I cannot aim very well with his guns due to lower-than-average FPS. I feel like I’m hindering my team when I play him because while I’ll get domes and use Gobi effectively, my charged Stasis and Kinetic shots are severely lacking. As such, I have to pick Maggie, Jack, or Abe for CC.

The reasons other people don’t play Crow? I think it can be either of these two things:

  • A casual player doesn’t understand typical monster pathing very well, so he can’t effectively use Gobi. He ends up throwing the batbird out in random directions, getting nothing, and possibly giving up to go to relay (have had this happen many times in PUGs).
  • Aiming, whether due to personal skill or technical limitations, is difficult with Crow - mostly with the Stasis Gun. Can’t land CC = a major part of the kit being wasted, as well as all the time the player spends trying to land it.

I’ve seen PUG Crows that didn’t even try to use the Stasis Gun because they believed it was useless, or they would be desperately trying to land it but the monster was Gorgon, Wraith, or Kraken and it just kept missing. Personally, I practiced to try and get better at aiming Crow’s guns, and while I did improve, faster monsters are just a serious bane with low FPS + aiming the slow stasis shot. Speeding up its travel time did help my situation, though.


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